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    I really dont want to switch to at&t for the iphone but after reading all the negative stuff about the pre im really thinking about it.So if any one could help me out and talk me out of it please do!
    As everybody has said, only you can make that decision. You need to consider the network, the phone features, and how you intend to use the phone.

    I have a PRE and my son has the Iphone 3GS. I have had the Ipod Touch for a long time. Personally, I decided on the PRE because I like Sprint and I found the PRE footprint (Physical size) more appealing to me. I like a smaller phone with the ability of a slideout keyboard. My daughter has the Rant with the side slideout keyboard, but I didn't like how it worked.

    Go to the local stores and try them out. See which you prefer. If you already have Sprint, you can actually take one home and take it back if you don't like it or you have problems with it. AT&T has the same type of deal, but you will have to test with a different phone number or actually change providers.

    Good luck. If you find the iPhone better, then check out If you feel that you must tell us good bye, then do it in this thread - don't start another one to say you are leaving.
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    Well i finally made a decision and im staying with sprint.I also decided to go with the HTC Hero which i love.Its absolutly amazing and im glad i waited.I just couldnt see paying a huge AT&T bill when the Hero does everything the iphone does and more.
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