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    Yes. this is another one of those "what would you improve about the pre" posts, but I thought in this one we can concentrate on the little things. We all know the Pre's big faults (poor battery life, reception issues, not enough apps) but what about the little things, things that should take a palm programmer about an hour to add.. On my list it's these:

    - More text auto-correct - Yeah, when you write U it changes it to YOU, thats wonderful! how about some more of that!

    R = are Y = why brb = be right back u r = you're ur = your etc...

    - UNDO - I heard somewhere that there is an undo feature but I couldn't really get it to work on my phone.. in any case - apple already solved this issue - just SHAKE to undo. I can't tell you how many times I accidentaly deleted an e-mail (that swipe is dangerous)

    - Back tap instead of slide - sure, that finger swipe thing to go back to the previous screen is cool, but it's about 4 times more time consuming than simply tapping the left side to go back. Tapping it doesn't do anything anyway, why can't I just tap to go back? why do I always have to swipe back!

    - Notification light - this thing already got those pretty white leds on the button, why cant we use them for notification when you got a missing call / e-mail or IM.

    - Contact Groups - Come on guys, Google supports it, Outlook supports it, Facebook supports it - why doesn't the pre??

    Thats what I got off the top of my head.. anything else?
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    I agree with most of your suggestions but I have to say that I like the back swipe better than a tap.
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    The tap idea may be better for moving the cursor around easier. I agree with your suggestions also I'd like:

    A single settings are for all setting I don't need them spread out separately they should be accessible in one spot as well as from the program.

    llots of work on calendar / browser to improve speed, lag scrolling, checkerboard loading. Animated gifs, hooks, scroll to top, better double tap zooming and better tap recognition when not zoomed in close.

    Music player needs alot of work. Scroll bar like in video and importing playlists support expanded to start. ability to delete from the phone.

    File browser

    Connect over wifi for file management

    The bad thing is I don't expect Palm to add much of this as their previous track record with garnet was to let 3rd parties fix their **** software. If that is the case I will jump to the HTC Hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    I agree with most of your suggestions but I have to say that I like the back swipe better than a tap.
    I find that the back swipe isn't always accurate. Maybe it's the way I swipe, but often my gesture does nothing. I'd like the option to tap, too...
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    I don't know if that tap would be a good idea. I could see a lot of people going back by accident with a tap feature instead of a swipe feature.
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    Lets not forget the useless way they implemented copy/paste
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    I like the tap idea. The back gesture is hard to do consistently. Also, the whole concept of gestures is in my opinion a fad that makes it harder to do things but I guess it's one of the cool buzzwords right now.

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