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    Okay. I just wanted to toss this question out there to see if anyone else has this happen when they browse the web on their Pre.

    So say I'm on a webpage. For instance Precentral forums. When I click on a link the Pre goes to a white screen and a second later the page loads up from the link I selected. Well, whenever this happens and I click on a link, It goes to a white screen and on that white screen the page like flashes or blips then the new page loads up. I don't ever remembering the transition blipping and flashing so I was wondering if this is normal and happens to your pre or not.

    When you go to a page, click on a link or whatever and it goes to the white page before the new page loads up, does the white page blip/flash for you?

    I can take video of what I mean if you have a hard time understanding what I am talking about...

    Thanks all!
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    I've seen the white page, but I do not get any blips or flashes. However, I've had it where it gets stuck on the white page and I have to do a manual refresh of the page.

    Does this only happen on certain websites or is it random?
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    I have it blip/flash too
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    I just had it where I had to manually refresh the page. It just went to a white page. I think the wifi/3g got funky!!! just rstart the phone. cleared it right up...

    the blip/flash thing kinda is an annoyance... i guess everything is all okay as long as we have the 7 dollar insurance though right? if anything were to come of it i could easily get it swapped out...

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