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    Just traded my TouchPro for the Pre and I wanted to post my initial observations about a couple of things I love most about the phone.

    1. Workflow/Multitasking - Man I love the flow webOS has going. I can open an app or webpage, pull up the launcher while that is loading, and do something else, then switch back and forth as needs be. Lag times are very tolerable and the workflow is money! Also, I have seen posts that complain about one handed me this phone has that nailed. Simply using my thumb (in the gesture area), I only have to swipe a small bit up to back into card view, to close apps or navigate between them. I almost never have to use the center button. This is SO much better than the "Push Center button to return to home screen and close whatever you were doing" flow of the iphone. I just wish I could remove the launcher icon from the quick launch bar because I never use that button ( I always use a gesture) and then I could have messaging there with contacts and email and the phone app.

    2. WebOS - The very nature of the OS I believe will promote major development. For me, the true story of this phone will be written after the SDK is released and we see the first wave of apps.

    3. Touchstone - Funny thing is, this device has solved a pet peeve of mine. Car charging....I installed the touchstone in my car and mounted to the center console. Now when I get in the car, I just stick the phone and forget it. It stays solidly in place. Yes it does not charge as fast as the direct method but it works and is just flat out cool. All my friends love it!

    I have had no hardware issues and do not expect to. (though if they come up I will exchange the phone if necessary and move on). My pre came in the box with yellow sleeve and so far no problems. I have a phantom skinz on order and purchased the palm leather case to carry it in. (though I am thinking about ordering the Seidio Case as well. Same for battery life, I am getting just about a full day and will purchase the extended battery when available)

    Are there some things I would like? Well I would love to be able to assign custom sounds to different events and some other minor gripes, but I know these will be addressed with OTA updates eventually. All in all a great phone.
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    Congrats on picking up the Pre!
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    Welcome aboard. I haven't made the jump to the Touchstone in the car, but I keep thinking about it.
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    You gotta try it...My car has tons of slick surfaces so my phone was constantly sliding around it seemed wherever I put it. This way when I get in, I just stick it to the Touchstone and it is in place firmly. Plus I love the matte battery cover!
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    Quote Originally Posted by conceptnine View Post
    Plus I love the matte battery cover!
    +1 for the touchstone battery cover! I just got my touchstone yesterday as a gift from my GF (free is the best price hahaha) and i LOVE the look of the matte black. (the touchstone isnt to shabby itself) The original battery cover gets so grimy and drove me crazy having a brand new phone that looked so dirty. Now its so fresh and so clean haha
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