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    So, I like many users here on didn't have a pre, but drooled over the galleries 20 times daily, and scourge the forums for the newest buzz about the beautiful pre, waiting to hold it in my non worthy hands. So, I ordered one through the corporate perk site posted here:
    Anyway, as I was working outside the UPS truck pulled up. Excited outta my mind I get the package, rip it open and take out the pre and powered her up. I live upstate new york, so I was roaming. It didn't activate. I tried countless times to get it to work, but it REFUSED TO WORK! I talked with sprint reps over and over again, but nobody could help, even though I was told that roaming was no problem. Just a tip, If you hold Orange key and then hit the # button 2x you can get a dialer in activation mode previous to activating. I tried to use this to somehow bypass it with the hash codes, but no luck. Maybe someone with more expertise can use that to help with the activation bypass. So here I sit with a brick. A beautiful brick I can say! The nearest Sprint store is 40+ miles from here, and I will go if I must, but I would rather not if you guys could help me out. I know the "dangers" of using most of your mins roaming, but I plan on getting an airrave. I love the phone and I haven't even seen WebOS yet! Please make my life and help me get this goin!
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    Can you log on to Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, and Wireless Calling Plans from Sprint and activate your phone there?
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    You may find some helpful tips in this thread depending on what problems you're having. Good luck.

    LINK: Problem getting data when activating

    - Doug

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