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    I really like how the phone looks and feels when it's closed. I also love the looks of webOS.
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    concept of cards
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    - "feel" of the webOS interface

    close seconds are:
    - synergy
    - screen / display
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    My one complaint about the webOS is the smoothness of the scrolling(ex: thru contacts) and other performance tasks. When i use my iPod touch it feels much better to use even though the Pre has more powerful hardware.... hopefully they will fix this within the next couple of upgrades...
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    I like the swivel screen. but really i like everything about the phone besides that.
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    And I thought the model with the swivel screen that allows the keyboard to be used in both portrait and landscape modes wasn't coming until 2010
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    Unobtrusive notifications. Hands down.
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    Second multitasking. Most of the stuff on the Pre can be emulated by some of my older phones, but multitasking turns the trick for me. I need email, web and oh yeah, the phone. Unfortunately, the phone part is probably equal to my decade-old Samsung. My Treo was very generous with the bars. My Pre is a teetotaler.

    The screen was beautiful for two whole weeks. I've toted my Treo for four years without so much as a stubborn smudge. I've got crevices on my Pre's screen which makes it difficult to appreciate the dazzling pixels.

    So, multitasking is saving the day.
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