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    I don't know if anyone else has found this, but I clicked on a link from a Tweet and it took me to flickr where my friend had posted a video. I clicked on the play button in the middle of the picture for the video and to my surprise the video played in full screen like it was in the videos program. But it was in the same card and when the video finished the page came back. I even pressed the volume button while it was playing to check and the menu drop down said web!!! How is this video playing in the web broweser?!?!

    I don't know what flickr uses to play it's videos it kind of looks like Vimeo. I haven't been able to play any videos that weren't youtube videos yet. This was a pleasant surprise.
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    cool find
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    Just tested this. Awesome!
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    I happened across this yesterday, but the vido only played the first few seconds.
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    Maybe it isn't Flash and it's downloading to the phone and playing?
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    Because Flickr uses H.264 & not Flash (just like Youtube).

    BTW, Flash player can play H.264 videos now, which is why it uses that player when browsing normally from your desktop.
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    I just found this out while playing around the Flickr mobile site on my Pre!!

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