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    does the inbox have a limit?

    I have read through the list sent to palm and dont recall that it had sent drafts n inbox folder, again do we have any proof that all these major issues that are minor fixes are being worked on or even when the release will be?

    just kinda frustrates me as most people have said that these simple things like cut copy, fwding, folders, have existed on even palm and wm devices why would they leave it out?

    MOREover why would they NOT announce hey we are aware of all this n working on it, considering their company as well as sprint is on the line here....I LIKE a lot of stuff about the phone LOVE i should say but tons of simple stuff is missing
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    Palm's silence baffles me. I'm not really concerned with it because if Palm drops the ball ill pick up a HTC Hero in November.

    Palms previois track record of fixing things and adding features isn't so hot we will see how things go with WebOS so far I'm not impressed with their communication.

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