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    Is there any way to change the automatic Photo naming convention on the Pre so that it names with Time and Date rather than the useless incremented numeric convention it uses now?

    Because I tend to empty the camera rather than carry around every picture I've ever taken, the Pre's picture counter resets and starts naming the pictures from the beginning again.

    EG: CIMG00001, CIMG00002, etc.

    I would prefer to have something like 0001-06-04-2009, 0002-06-04-2009, etc.

    That way no two pictures would ever have the exact same name. it also makes sorting photos MUCH easier when you know WHEN you took them.

    Is there any way to change this behavior? If I hit the volume key while in camera I can make the menu available, but "preferences" is greyed out, so I can't access it. it would be nice to be able to modify the camera settings.
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