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    So most of us are looking at our 30 day trail ending and I'm on the border about the love/hate thing I have with this phone.
    In hindsight of all the threads I've read over the last month it's kinda funny to think how much we've seem to put up with in regards to the multiple issues a notable percentage of us have had. I myself waited anxiously since January when i first saw the video of the Pre and with so much anticipation behind it, I wonder if it hasn't blinded us a bit? Would we have put up with so many irritating factors if it were from a Blackberry, Instinct, HTC or other Palm product? The 'geeking out' phase will eventually wear off and then where will we be at?
    As far as software I feel pretty confident that things will only get better in a practical sense. That is to say if Palm and Sprint are actually listening to it's customers that want to support a great new phone.
    The hardware is my biggest concern obviously. I'm on my 3rd Pre and the minor wobbles are yet again settling in. I just don't feel confident that this phone will last me until I can upgrade again with a $150 discount towards a new phone. It certainly is not worth $549.99 out of pocket. I do have the $7/mo insurance on it but a Sprint employee said I would most likely get a refurbished phone after the 30 days. I have had nothing but bad luck with refurbished phones in the past and am dreading the "let me speak to your manager" talk to demand a new phone...
    May this be the last thread on the 'returning before 30 days' topic and by all means I would love to read everyone's thoughts in these last hours of their trial period and what you all will do... Stick it out and gamble that your phone will hold up physically and that the updates will prove worthy, or go back to your old phones and hope the major issues will be fixed by the time say, when Verizon or other carriers will get the phone in early 2010. I enjoy most things about this phone and want to keep it. I so don't want to step back down to my 'dumb phone'.
    Pros vs. cons... What will you do???
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    Well I would like to see the phone last, but that is what insurance is for. Also, I wouldn't worry about getting refurbs as long as it is a few months later. Right now, a refurb would suck but by the time Palm fixes all production issues, the refurbs should be an improved build over the launch phones. I ended up getting refurbs at Verizon for my LG Dare and I had 0 issues with the refurbs other than an underlying fault with the phone (screen can go cloudy under fluorescent light).
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    I already returned mine. I will be the first to admit that, though the iPhone is a fine device, there are aspects of WebOS that I sorely miss.

    The factor to me was exactly what you raise: will the Pre last? Conceptually I think the Pre is an outstanding device, easily able to compete with the iPhone. Yes, there are bugs and it's a generation one device, so such things are to be expected.

    But the lack of hardware quality was the deciding factor for me. I love the device, but I don't have faith in the hardware quality yet - so in the end, mine went back to the Sprint store.
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    Dunno, both my phone and my wifes phone are working great. The more I read these forums the more I think a lot of this is much ado about nothing. I have insurance now b/c my wife has gone through 3 phones in one I abuse my phones and the pre is doing well so far. Everyphone I've ever had has had some 'issues'- nothing new here.

    At least I don't have a HOT iphone lol.
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    I intend to keep Sprint and my Pre. I am still on my original Pre with no noticeable problems. I have the insurance so if problems do come up I will go for the repair. I agree that right now getting a refurbished in exchange for a new Pre doesn't sound great, but it won't matter in few months. In my experience, refurbished electronics equipment is often of higher quality that what comes directly off the production line. Refurbished units are looked at by technicians who actually work on it and test it before release. That doesn't mean you can't get a bad refurbished item.
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    To me, I just got sick of waiting. If all you do is wait, that's all you'll be doing.

    I'll take the risk and enjoy it as much as I can now :P (and pay for the insurance, in the mean time!)
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    I'm on the fence about the insurance and would like to hear peoples' thoughts.
    When my 650 had problems (twice), Verizon shipped me replacement treos 2nd day air without cost. I did not have problems with the 755. I never even thought about insurance or knew it was offered for phones. In retrospect, it would seem to me that the carrier would want me to have a working phone so they could collect voice/data monthly fees.

    Palm has a one year warranty and my Visa card doubles that length. I've been pretty good about not losing phones. If I run into manufacturing problems with the Pre and Palm/Sprint refuses to replace at reasonable cost, I could go back to Verizon (guessing they will probably have a Pre like device within 9 months).
    I'm sure also there will be fierce competition among the carriers for customers.

    If the phone lasts beyond the one year premier upgrade length, so much the better.

    I'm curious to know if my reasoning makes sense to others.
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    I got my Pre on launch day and haven't had any issues. I do have insurance and my husbands Motorola Q and my Treo, both hit the bucket at the end of their plan date. I know that for the Treo, I could have done a clean install and installed less applications.

    I won't be installing as many applications on my Pre, but I feel that if you can't install the applications you need or want, why have a smart phone? Get a phone and a PDA and be done with it.

    Anyway, I'm keeping my Pre and my Sprint service. If the all the applications I want don't materialize, I can use the Treo as a PDA or give up some of the applications. Because of Classic, I don't have to give up any that I think are crucial or vital.

    At the moment, I'm just feeling lucky and blessed. My husband added a Pre last week and his is working like a charm too.
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    I'm happy (mostly; there is such a thing as too much Synergy) with webOS and I do think it's going to turn out to be a fantastic operating system. I am less than pleased with the hardware. The shut off on slider close, hot phone when doing anything 3g, the non-constant wifi connection (drops me out of aim if I put the phone on lock), and the short battery are going to send me to Blackberry and the Tour. I've also not adapted to the keyboard, and I got my Pre on launch day. I really did try to like the phone, and there's nothing MAJOR that is wrong, but the little things have added up and make the phone sub-optimal for how I use it.
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    I love my pre. I got it on launch day and havent had a single issue yet. I have a little bit of play with the slider but I kind of figured that would be the case before I bought the phone.

    All in all Im totally satisfied. My only real complain is with the lack of aps in tha catalog but obviously that will change with time
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    I'm less worried about my Pre making it to the end of my contract period than ME making it that long...
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    It better, because I'm skipping the next gen of phones.
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    the Pre needd alot of work Palm has until the hero to get things in order.
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    No way am I getting something else. What? Should I go buy a iPhone 3GS and watch it heat up so bad it turns the white ones brown? ii

    I have nothing against the iPhone but the point is problems exist even with a huge company like Apple. Cracked iPhone screens, iPhones that lock up etc... Remember the battery issues on their laptops? Mac laptops also have a rep of dying on their users at times.

    Check this out:
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    I was # 16 at my local sprint store for the pre. I was so torn on going to sprint due to I am part of the lawsuit. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I have hd so many phns trying to find one that will do everything I need. I have faith the pre is it. I had to warranty my battery once but that was my fault. Sprint doesn't need to know that. People we must remember that webos is only at 1.0.4 where as iphone is on 3.1.0/ so we need to be patient... Being an employee of verizon I can say with confidance that no pre in future. Alltel cust who need there palm pro replaced are only given the option of the only paln vzw has.......the centro.......that pissed me off! I just rooted my pre and enabled some extras can't wait to dig in more! If people have issues with refurbs all providers policy is if you have had 2 refurbs you may request a new device! Of course they don't tell you that so they don't loose out on the profit. And as for insurance ....we have for medical, we have it for car and me personaly I get it on anything and everything I buy. Why temp fate and be left out to dry? I also have a first release xbox 360 no issues no ring of death so I don't know what I'm doing diff from the hundreds of other having these issues.
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    I haven't had to put up with any problems. I believe it will last the length of the contract, but I've got the insurance, so no matter to me one way or the other.
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    It might last through the contract, it might not. Then again, my Pre might last but I might not. No guarantees in life: just enjoy it.
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    I'm fairly certain that my phone will be fine as long as I don't break it myself- that is, I don't foresee it breaking down on its own with normal use. I've had zero physical problems with my pre, even though I've dropped it on concrete the other day (my heart hurt when I did it, lol). IMO, the hardware is plasticky (it is plastic after all), but solid. I've had sliders in the past and mine, at least, is as solid, if not more so than any other slider I've owned.

    Then again, I'm eligible for yearly upgrades and almost always get the next big thing as soon as I'm eligible. Mine only has to make it 11 more months.
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    So my 30 days are up (actually got mine on the 9th) and I, [...deep breath...] decided to stick it out with this great mobile device despite my hardware concerns. The little things I find annoying too like listening to music with headphones and getting blasted by the "ding-ding" of incoming messages or talking on the phone with someone and they can hear the alerts too. My text app sometimes switches to photos randomly for some reason and my "swish sound" from tossing cards likes to take the day off once in awhile but not that big of deal. Lack of picture editing and no text forwarding is lame but all in good time I hope...
    Thank you to those that voiced your opinion good and bad. I got the Sprint insurance, (for the first time in 8 years) so I will breathe easy.
    Just hope the updates and apps beef up this phone to it's fullest potential for us all...
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    its funny to read these threads on problems with the pre. Before it was out all I was reading was poeple saying to hurry up and release it and they will deal with the problems rather than wait. But now its the opposite. If your phone doesn't work right then switch it out. If you still want to complain then get a blackberry or iphone. Just stop filling up this forum with buyers remorse threads. Mine is perfect and I have no problem switching for a refurb as many times as it takes to keep my phone.end of story.
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