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    I suggested this already. Here.
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    I hated, HATED, the trackball on my Pearl. Fell out plenty, wasn't very accurate, and sometimes just didn't work. Terrible idea on a phone. Get better scrolling, or use the gesture area, its really not that tough. I've got big guitar player fingers and I can use the touch screen just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zpoettker View Post
    Actually it is somewhat possible considering the area around the button is touch sensitive. It could work in a similar way to a trackball.
    Yes, exactly!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Knee Dragger View Post
    Even if it was possible, why? It would be a step backwards
    If only you had had a Treo. The touch area could work just like the rockers on our old Treo's. We could have cursor control.

    Wow. Be still my quaking heart.

    - Craig
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