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    I got this from Palm's forums and a few others have found it successful there. I'm still testing. Have a look:

    dkosawa wrote:

    I found a configuration that stops the inconsistent signal (EVDO) issue that I was seeing.

    Here's my configuration that gave me problems:
    WebOS 1.0.3
    FW CC1.1(90)
    Facebook Contacts (default settings with ~50 contacts)
    Google Contacts (default settings with ~20 contacts)
    Google Gmail (default settings with Inbox 2500 emails)
    Google Calendar (default settings with ~500 events)

    Below are some experiments that I tried in order:

    • Changed my Voice Network setting to 'Sprint Only'. I read somewhere on another forum this helped. Unfortunately it didn't help me.
    • Updated my Network Settings. I read that this can help....didn't help me.
    • Systematically removed each application that I had installed myself. With no "3rd" party applications installed I still had issues, no worse, no better.
    • Partial erase...with no email, contacts, or calendar configured. This actually stabilized my EVDO!! I left it this way for 2 hours and my phone never went offline, and my EVDO icon never flickered once (as far as i could tell).
    • I added back my Facebook contacts. Everything was still good. I left it for 2 more was still acting properly.
    • I added back my Google account to email, contacts and calendar. My phone instantly went back to jumping back and forth between being online and offline, and losing EVDO every couple of minutes.
    • So I went into my Gmail account and archived all of my Inbox emails (yes all 2,500). I went back to my phone, did the partial erase, configured my Facebook contacts, followed by my Google accounts (email, contacts, and calendar). Once again, immediately after configuring my Google accounts my phone instantly went back into misbehaving.
    • I then removed my Google calendar account. Bingo, the phone starting acting properly! It's been over 24 hours and i havne't seen EVDO go away once. My phone doesn't switch between offline and online.

    Since then i've changed my email settings to sync every 1 hour instead of every 15 minute. This setting alone has helped with battery life.

    I also figured out a way to live without my calendar until Palm figures out how to fix things. Google supports SMS calendar event notifications, and morning agenda emailings.
    I"m testing now and I will say my issues got worse after I started syncing calendars.
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    That's a lot of work. I find it hard to believe how data on your phone can mess up your signal. If anything it's a hardware issue not a personal data issue.
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    Just the messenger here. It's no work to disable Google (that's all I did). I did that and a reset and EVDO is fine. More testing needed in other locations (work) before I can draw a conclusion.
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    This is not the old Palm OS, apps like Gmail have no effect on signal strength. Even a sync once every 15 minutes the entire day barely equates with a single loading of a web page. Most of those sync requests carry no changes.
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    Sounds like a pretty scientific test to me, I would be willing to try it.
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    Ok, the real test is Monday, but I have results from today. I've deleted Google calendar and have had EVDO constantly and three or more bars the whole time. I had Pandora going for over two hours with no delays at all. That has only happened once since I had the phone.

    The thing that is most obvious is the signal indicator is not jumping around going to 1x, no bars, etc.

    It's fairly easy to test, so I gave it a shot. Can't see my google calendar items, but the contacts and email are still connected.

    I have NO CLUE why this would work, but it's probably something bumping into something else. I wonder if it'll improve battery life?

    Love to know if any others have similar results. I'll update Monday p.m.
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    Went out for fireworks, and kept EVDO and at least 3 bars the whole time. Not jumping around at all. Most time at 5 bars. Palm needs to know this so at least people will try this simple fix until they figure out what's going on with the software.

    I thought mine got worse after installing one of the updates. However, I did that at the same time I set up Google calendar. Very strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    This is not the old Palm OS, apps like Gmail have no effect on signal strength. Even a sync once every 15 minutes the entire day barely equates with a single loading of a web page. Most of those sync requests carry no changes.
    I believe you but I thinking something else is going on here. I still have contacts and email syncing, so I don't think it's the syncing taking up bandwith. My guess, something about the programming for syncing is messing with the way the Pre is connecting to the towers (or trying to). Why, I have NO idea, but I hope Palm/Sprint get this worked out because I'd like to use my Google Calendar again.
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    This is interesting, if perplexing. I don't use gmail directly, I have everything forwarded to an exchange account, then to my pre. I've never had any of the signal issues some have complained about. It would be interesting to know if this temporary fix helped the people with the bouncing signal issues. Also interesting would be why a calendar syncing would affect the signal indicator.
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    Okay, so I thought I would give this a shot. I had Google Calender, Facebook Calender, Palm Profile, and Flixter Calender. I removed all of them but Palm Profile and did a reset. Before resetting, I watched the phone for about 5-10 minutes, and was getting "normal" activity at my house that I have seen for the last month. 1 bar when steady, sometimes 2, 5-3-2-1-4-1-5-2 bars jumping etc. Evdo-1x randomly, no matter the bar count. I should have checked ##DEBUG# and got the RX values and what not, but I didn't think about it until it restarted.

    After the change the Pre seems to be sitting still at 2 bars. After 6 minutes, I noticed the only change in the Pre bar icon was going up to 3 bars for about 10-20 seconds, than it will set back down at 2 for over a minute or two, and do it again. It only jumped from 2/3 to 5 then back down to 2/3 randomly one time. Hasn't left EVDO yet. I went and sat on the morning throne for awhile, watching SprintTV, checking the web etc. and than took a nice long bath. In the bathroom, I am usually in 1x at least 80% of the time. Usually EVDO works for about 10 minutes, than it's rare to get EVDO and I usually remember to turn on WiFi. After deleting the Calender accounts, it seemed to bounce between 1-2 bars in that room, stayed on EVDO for about 5 minutes, than dropped to 1x and stayed there, rather than bounce around as much. I did notice the signal bars going from 1 to 5, than 4-3-2-1 almost like a test. As soon as I opened Web, or anything that involved constant data connection, the bouncing signal and 1x/EVDO was back.

    I have to say, I am pretty skeptical, but we shall see what happens. It seems to me, in my completely uneducated and inexperienced opinion, that the PRE is programmed to constantly look for, update network settings, and display signal strength/data connection when it is using data. In other words, when the phone is idle, it only checks and displays new bars/ 1x-evdo every so often until a Data connection is opened, than it is CONSTANTLY checking and updating the display. This may be the reason you all are seeing a difference with Google Calenders being removed. Maybe Google calender updates more than it should, and much more than anything else synced to the calender app. Who knows. All I know, is that this little trick only helped me a little bit *aesthetically* (what shows on the screen, not what's actually happening) until I actually used the phone, than it would act like it always did. A little piece of mind, regardless of what is really going on with the phone, is not worth loosing my Google calender to me.
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    No. The Pre uses EvDO only when it needs to. If no data is requested it doesn't use EvDO, but if an app like calendar is syncing in the bacground then it will activate EvDO momentarily as needed and it may appear to be jumping randomly.

    I say don't pay attention to the bars unless there really is a connection problem.
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    This may be TMI, but did you open the web in the bathroom with 1x?
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    This may be TMI, but did you open the web in the bathroom with 1x?
    LoL, no. I opened the web as the first app while it was EVDO, checked something on, than noticed it dropped to 1x. I tried to use it for a little to see if EVDO would come back, but gave up and went to WiFi. My house is very strange reception wise anyway. Different parts of the house have different reception problems, it has always been that way with all Smartphones from Sprint. My problem with the Pre is that it acts like all the other phones did in our house, when I am not at home.
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    Same here. I'm just trying to get the same reception I got from my Centro. As I said before, the real test will be tomorrow at work. That building sucks for reception. I'm still getting a lack of jumping around, but as you said if you aren't getting reception, who cares?

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