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    I am almost completely positive that IMs use data, not sms.
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    I don't think I ever got a definitive answer on this. Does the pre use txt for im? From the responses above it looks like it possibly does sometimes?

    Is there anyone that can confirm this one way or the other?
    If you checked out post #21 ( in the thread you're talking about it clearly uses data. In airplane mode while on Wi-Fi IM still works. Also if it did use text messages and you did use IM a lot your text message number would be a lot higher when you check your Sprint account.
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    Cool, thanks I missed that post.

    Someone in this thread listed an unusually high number of texts being used. I just wonder if it uses sms if its available sometimes for some reason, but it is also capable of using data?
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    I'm pretty sure it just uses data..
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