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    A few questions/thoughts lumped together...
    Input appreciated
    1. Cool 'auto' search feature this site just started if it would only keep the result to pre related items that would be great.

    2. Word wrap for post entry would help when typing on the pre.

    3. ihow many r having issues with there pre just turning itself off for no reason at random times? I need to do a soft rest to get it back on which is a pain since the 'hold power button' reboot takes a long time to do its thing.

    4. Nxt time I post threads on desktop pc...happy 4th.

    P.s. So does this shut down issue mean I should get it replaced? Still within my 30 window and contacts r on google, notes saved as txt files...splash id is only item I might lose up data records from i'm thinking.
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    The battery may be causing the turning off issue:
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    Guess that could be it though it happens once in awhile just placing the phone down while open. Will try the paper shim trick.
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    I had the same issue. Took it in last Sat., they cleaned the battery or something, didn't help, so took it in on Tuesday, and got a new one Thu.

    Something got knocked loose in the device, it seems. It would usually shut off while I was walking, and it was in my pocket. I think it got knocked loose when I accidentally shut the slider harder than I should.
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    My second pre would would turn off randomly it wouldn't bother me if the pre didn't take 3 minutes to turn back on. My new pre is great so far.
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    I hear you on that 3 minute restart process
    heck my old 55p was so simple compared to my pre...
    open then back remove battery for a second, reseat it put on back cover and she would reboot in 10 seconds it seemed.

    don't know...
    just seems like palm wanted to get this unit out the door before apple's event Monday yet now apple's 3g is so hot running users are told to take the battery out or turn off 3g. have a ipod touch and it is nice though.

    loved my 755p keypad, compared to my pre, I will settle for a pre over a virtual keyboard most days.

    it is really surpising to me that palm did not get software vendors on board for the webos before launch...splash id is still sorting it all out and palm to it seems.

    might need to consider changing it out for a replacement
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    I replaced mine. I don't think any phone should just shut off randomly on its own unless the battery is completely drained. I would recommend replacing it. Who knows what kind of issues will pop up in the long run if you do not.
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    i had the same problem with random shutoffs. I took it to the sprint shop where they did something to it. Know it doesn't shut-off at all
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    well i am having this issue as well, i have tryed to isolate it but when i am paying attention to it, then it doesn't happen, it has shut off just sitting on my desk, it has shut off in my pocket, it has shut off with the slider open, and when closing the slider... i figure i may take it back, but i am trying to hold off to see if it is something that was caused by 1.04... b/c it didnt start happening to me until then.. other than that i love my pre... has anybody else noticed it after 1.04 with the randomness or was it before then

    btw it would bother me either if it didnt take 3 mins to restart and i wouldn't have to go in and adjust the system sounds volume everytime
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    same here damned thing randomly shuts off of its own accord im on my second and going in for my third hopefully its the charm i would hate to have to give up on my pre
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    This has started happening to me as well in the last few weeks and this is my THIRD Pre. The first two had major hardware issues. Awesome phone but it breaks too easily and appears to be the sissy of all Palm phones EVER.
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    My current Pre (#7) has this issue. I'm hoping it goes away on its own because I really, really don't want to go through another exchange.
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    im in the same boat. this is pre #1 for me. However I did have an LG rumor as my last phone. Got it when it was brand new, two weeks after release. About a month into using it the phone would shut off at least once a day. in the months before the release of the Pre, the rumor started shutting off a dozen times a day. hopefully this isn't going to be the case with the pre. It will be very difficult for me to switch to a different phone.

    is there any new information on this issue? last post I see is from 7/11 and i'm posting on 8/22
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    I get random shut downs when I close the slider or leave the phone off for more than 30 minutes. This happens at least 3-4 time s a day. Have also had an issue where the keyboard was in op then randomly started working. have tried soft resets hard resets. Nothing seems to cure it. Anyone have any ideas?
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    This started happening to me 2 days ago. i can not get my pre to turn on or is just frozen, so to speak. After I put my Pre on the touchstone, then I can get it to turn on. But if I have to make a call or answer a call, I can't as my phone is off and won't turn back on. This is my Pre#2....hopefully #3 is a charm....I really do like my Pre.
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    This morning I was shocked as my Pre had shut down itself during night. And it wouldn't turn on pressing the power button! At first, I thought the battery was depleted overnight, but last time I checked yesterday it was over 80%! Can the battery indicator lie so much that says it's almost full but it's almost empty?

    Is the random shut down issue "normal"? I have not shutdown problems when sliding the keyboard, as others have here: Phone was resting on a table doing exactly nothing. Not a single app open.
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    I have the exact same problem it has happened to me 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks and I know the battery is charged. It only seems to happen when I leave the phone sitting on my desk all night. In the morning the phone is off, I turn it on and away I go. I have another battery so will give that a try just for grins.
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    I have had this happen a few times and although this is not a cure it is a work around for my Palm Pre Plus.

    I avoid turning the screen back on by opening the keypad instead I use the on/off switch and drag up to unlock. Now the Pre always turns on without a problem (I don't like waiting for it to switch back on)


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