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    wonder if this is the light bleeding that people talk about and does it appear in one spot or different for everyone...

    turned it on haven't even activated it yet cause of this very minor issue...

    i can hold both front and back of the phone and twist the front and i hear clicking it moves but not much is that on ALL phones or is this bad?

    way to the left of where the screen ends there is a very small hairline of light that goes down and the slants to the right and its like this small hairline of light....whats up with that? how common is this? what else can I really look for without activating it first?
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    I have both of those issues; and this is my second Pre. I believe the SLIGHT swivel and hairline light is normal; however my first pre was exchanged because that slight swivel turned into a not so slight rotation off track. We're talking a good 1/8 inch movement whereas my current Pre only clicks about 1/16''. I notice the light the other night while not in a lit room - it appears to just coincide with the end of the touch-sensitive area of the casing. Seems to be a normal mechanical/engineering concept. Anyone else find this to not be the case?
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    Yes it's the light leak but it's noticeable only in the dark.
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    is this light leak on EVERY pre? is it in the same location? cause its definitely NOT normal looking if you notice it lol just runs off the area to the all black part...

    how about the swivel do they ALL have some type of swivel and is that normal? or is it suppose to not have any?
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    My interpretation based upon forum posts and news stories is that EVERY pre has the light 'issue', which is really just a normal thing. And MOST pre's have a noticable swivel but watch this issue carefully as it could become more severe.
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    No light problems here. Just cracked screen which is being repaired.
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    No light issue with mine and the slider motion is tight. I don't know why people get the urge to twist on the screen.

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