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    I have the same problem. Did you return it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug30 View Post
    I got my Pre on the 21st, and since Day 1 the back light on the keyboard seems to be a bit messed up. only the t y u g h j v b n keys are really lit up, the rest are very very dim. I can see them in darkness...barely, but its usable. Aslo there seems to be some "oreo" effect on the slider. My question is, should I return it for another one? Everything else on the phone is flawless, but I don't want to spend this amount of money on the phone and have a defective one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
    There's a patch for that.
    Yeah, brightness unlinked will let you control the screen backlight and keyboard backlight separately.
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    I had the same issue with a partially "dead" keyboard backlight when I got my Pre+ last week. Verizon replaced it on the spot this past Monday (22nd)! Great customer service for sure!
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