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    I'm confused and wanted to share what I've experienced.

    Here are the steps I have taken:

    Step 1. I've taken some random screen captures. The pics get saved to the screencaptures folder in the photos app.

    Step 2. I've deleted some of the pics in the screencapture folder via my Pre.

    Step 3. Hooked up the Pre via USB cable and used it in USB Drive mode.

    Step 4. Navigated to the screencaptures folder via windows to find the previously deleted pics and ended up deleting them again.

    Anyone else have this experience and know what I could be doing wrong?
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    I have the same thing the pictures don't show up in the photos folder on the phone. But usb mode there still there
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    Yah unfortunately this device has some serious memory issues.
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    There's some confusion in this thread. The original poster is referring to how if you delete a screencapture, and then connect via USB, the file is still there.

    However, that's incorrect. When you take a screencapture, it saves a .jpg and a .png of the screen. The Pre Photos app can't display pngs, so when you delete on the Pre, it only deletes the .jpg. Then, when you connect via USB, you can of course see the png.

    That has nothing to do with a memory leak however. (And anyway, I've found that I've had much less of an issue with that lately.)
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    Heres a stupider question.

    Why does the pre create a png or the svreen and why doesn't it delete it (pre) if it created it?
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    I thought it might have to do with an future "undo" upgrade myself, but I never did any testing and didn't notice if it was really only the jpgs that were deleted.

    As far as why does it create both, that is probably because png seems to be the default image format, so if you want to make it a wallpaper or assign it to a contact it needs to be in png format. Of course why it doesn't just create the png on the fly...

    Of course there could have been two developers on the project, one that demanded jpgs were always better, the other said png was best, and a feature was born.

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