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    On my phone I can pretty much see dots what look to be the size of a pixel at certain angles or bright backrounds. These dots are all perfectly aligned and are in rows. is this the touchscreen sensors and am i suppose to see them slightly?
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    Yes, that's the touchscreen matrix and, yes, you can see them from different angles. It's normal.
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    You Pre is faulty you should return it.

    Nah, all capacitive screens have those.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Like everyone has said, its normal.
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    Normalcy, got em' too.
    Got my pre today(:
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    So it is normal to see part of this pattern in one of the single color backgrounds you can see with interactive tests under device info?

    I'm trying to decide if I am taking back this pre before applying a screen protector. I have light bleeding (strong in left corner) also. Plus my signal strength has been a little flaky lately with it dropping to 2 bars sometimes in a 5 bar area and I got a dropped call (never happened on verizon or my first pre).
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    If you decide to take it back, don't let it be the dots on the screen man. That's on everyone's pre and wont change.

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