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    Why do you people need to echo each other on how great your phones are? Grow up.
    Why do people need to negatively comment about people echoing each other on how great their phones are? You came to this thread. You grow up.
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    Great device. Very little play in the slider but not a problem. Wouldn't have any other device...
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    Loving the Pre I got on opening day. Every phone I have had isn't perfect...but the pre has been solid in its first month.....sure I have some tweaks I would like to see but again, that's with every phone ever.
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    Bought mine on the day of the launch. Still no issues!
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    got mine 6-6-09 all good solid
    do drop some calls in my house with the dang ariwave ( some weird going on) other than that all good
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    Since you asked...

    Not me.

    Bought mine first day. After a couple of weeks, started shutting off when opening/closing the slider. A piece of paper wedged on the the battery has fixed it.

    Slider getting loose.

    Otherwise, love the phone
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    Launch day phone... NO problems at all... Have only rebooted it 2 - maybe 3 times. Previously had an Instinct and was always left w/ that "this is not what I was expecting..." feeling. My Pre has been MORE than I expected!! It really is a great phone!
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    Celebrating my one month anniversary with my launch day Pre. Slightest little wobble in my screen when closed (is it odd that I actually LIKE having the give?), and I have survived one major drop. Absolutely the best device I have ever owned.

    The future is ver, very bright.
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    Not only was I lucky to get the Pre on its release date. I was lucky enough to get it at 4:30 in the evening out in Riverhead, NY

    I had one issue where when the battery was was drained, the Battery icon stayed on the screen for 2 hours. I removed the battery and it came back on charged. Then wanting to keep the screen nice for a while I left the plastic film on but then fund out that after a whileit messed up the proxmity sensor for the phone and as soon as I took it off it worked fine too.

    besides all the Exchange issues and wanting more features all has been good.
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    Solid as a rock since 10:00 on launch day. No wiggles, dead pixels, good battery life, no problems having it do what it supposed to do....web, syncing, updating, keyboard easier to use than the first week, ring tones, alarms, just a PREFECT machine. In less than a year, when apps start flowing, EVERYONE will want a WebOs smartphone like the Pre.
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    Mine is still working flawlessly! WooHoo! Love my Pre
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    I've had my Pre all along, too, with zero issues. As someone else stated on this thread: this phone is money, baby! As a long time Palm user I was skeptical that Palm would be able to pull this off, but they sure did. webOS rocks, and the Pre feels great in my hand.
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    Got my Pre on opening day, and so far I have no problems. No dead pixels.
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    One thing ya have to remember. This is just the beginning of the US launch. This time next year we will have many more converts to the Pre. That's just in the US. When this goes international in a few months. Palm is going to be very flush with capital from the Pre. Now though that is tempered by the fact that Palm has to get on it's game here and fix the known issues we have now. That and more app and webos updates PLEASE.
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    I bought mine the Tuesday after launch. No problems with the slider, screen, or overheating. Physically the unit is still pristine, and the only precaution I take is to carry it in the leather case instead of my pocket. After I bought it, I immediately ordered 2 touchstones (one for work). I kind of wish I hadn't now because I never use the work one anymore. I guess that's not really a bad problem to have.
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    Even though I see this post every day, today I read it "I got my pre at lunch" a bit confused and had to reread the title. Good night to all.

    "good story bro"
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    I have a launch-day Pre and have had zero issues. I LOVE my Pre!
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    Got it 6/9, started great, and its only gotten better.
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    Launch day pre and am very happy with it! The slider has a little wiggle, but not too bad.
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    Got mine on launch day also. And it's perfect like angelina jolie's face.

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