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    My Pre arrived yesterday (late by some) , it was annoying at 1st but my friend (Philly)advized me where the user guide was & off I went. I tell this isn't windows & with a little more practice I'm not going to miss it. My Pre is stable, no looseness, better KB than the Pro with many new items to yet discuss. I like my my Pre, Sprint may have something here.
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    I bought my PRE at 6 PM June issues...was I just lucky or are just the few *****ing that had issues???
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    With you.
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    No issues is an awesome phone, everytime I use my HTC Touch Pro it seems like such an outdated phone. WebOS is amazing and intuitive
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    I've got two launch day Pres on my account (one Best Buy, one Sprint store). Both of them working perfectly with zero complaints.
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    There are a number of people whe got defective phones. There are sure to be thousands odf defects when you sell 300,000+ of a brand new phone. That doesn't belittle the issues or concerns of those who got them. They certainly have their threads.

    But I think it is obvious that the vast majority have received great phones and a thread to remind us of this fact is a good thing. I love mine and my wife loves hers too.
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    Bought on release day - no problems at all (well, did get a bum usb cord, but Sprint gave me a replacement the same day so no biggie).
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    I just don't want to be forgotten in this massive patting on backs.
    Why is this so tough for you? When you post on here about the issues you're having, are you doing it so Sprint and Palm with resolve them, or just so other people know that you're having issues? Because I would think that if you're looking for resolution you'd go straight to Sprint/Palm for a solution.

    No, you're posting here to let other people know you're having issues. If you read through this forum, it seems everyone who is having issues posts a new thread on it. And then you've got people who don't even own the phone chiming in to fan the flames. So if you're someone coming here to get information to help with a purchase decision, and as many have said here, all you see are thread after thread of negativity.

    So, those of us who HAVEN'T had any issues are just giving the other side of the story. The fact that it bugs you so much speaks volumes.
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    I've posted in other "positive" threads. My family got 5 Pres on lanuch day. Wife and three kids do not have any issues. Also a couple of friends love theirs. I have yet to know anyone that has tried it and not like it. Several friends with iphones are pretty impressed. However, I have heard the "app shortage" gripes. The Pre in general is better than I expected.
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    No problems here... Had it since the 19th
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    Got mine june 20th no problems yet.
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    Got mine Tuesday after launch and haven't had any real problems except for a bit of a wobble. I can live with it though.

    Griping about apps is silly, they will come. This is Palm we're talking about, not some made up OS by Sprint.
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    No hardware issues here. For those with hardware issues, get them documented and even if you don't return now (get in writing that you will be able to return by some predetermined point in the future). You should not have to live with hardware issues.

    I did have a problem with EAS and self-signed certificates. My IT dept. fixed this by buying a Godaddy cert. I hear WM7 will cause the same problems, so they were going to buy the cert anyway.

    I am still seeing if I've fixed my signal strength issues. I've got another post about it and it appears it's solved temporarily until an update can fix the root problem.

    Other than that, this phone has been BLISS. I now have 3 touchstones (home, office, car), Invisible Shield, Seidio Case and a Jawbone 2. This phone has changed my life for the better.
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    Me 2 no problems
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    I got my Pre from a Sprint store on June 6 at 8:45am ( 6th in line on launch day ) and have no hardware issues or dead pixels. I'm happy with it and look forward to my Pre becoming the 755p it replaced with the forthcoming apps.
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    @those that can't grasp why folks would make a topic like this

    When the phone came out and I read the problems everyone had, it deterred me from trying to buy the phone if I wanted to buy it before my upgrade. It's good to see posts like these and to actually play with the phone yourself because with all the posts, you get an idea that all the phones are defective. Just saying I appreciate the negative postings just as much as positve ones
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    Quote Originally Posted by SOLARTACO3 View Post
    Got mine june 20th no problems yet.
    same here
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    Same here. I'm playing with the Pre now. Actualy I think it's kind of cool.
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    I agree. I have no problems with my pre yet. It's been going strong. Kinda skow at times, but that's just the software issue. I'm loving my pre.
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    Bought it on launch day. Have known for six months I was going to do so. Have had no issues; works as advertised. Not perfect, but great, and has strengthened my faith in I'd never really lost in the first place.

    People will always find something to ***** and whine about. But the Pre's build quality, feature set, and software OS are great.
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