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    Chalk up another happy Pre owner, since launch date. No hardware issues, no lock-ups and I do use my Pre quite heavily (GPS, mp3s, videos, browsing, etc).

    Got a 2nd Pre for my wife this week and I didn't notice any noticeable differences in the build quality.
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    I'm the Sprint Product Ambassador in my Sprint retail store who was bestowed the honor of using the Palm Pre on my EWD line after the initial retail training of my team and I have not had a single issue with mine. What's funny is my Palm Pre was not even the initial (1.02) build of webOS. I had to update my to 1.03 and 1.04, the most current one. Luckily I'm fairly Linux savy and have been able to root the device so the 1.04 update hasn't phased me any.
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    I need to chime in too. I bought 1 for me and one for my wife. We were replacing a Blackberry 8330 and a Cebtro respectively. Although I have a little "oreo" play in mine, things are pretty good. My only hardware complaints are batter life and signal strength sometimes.

    The software just needs to mature some.
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    my wife and i are happy owners of 2 pres, one on launch day (black box), the second was on Tuesday after launch (yellow box). No hardware issues with either to date!
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    I got mine on launch day and no problems so far.

    Just waiting for more apps. Glad to hear that Documents to go for Web OS is in the works.
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    Got mine Launch day. Second in line. No problems or regrets since.
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    I got mine launch day and was one of the first in the door. The build quality has been flawless so far - no creaks, wobbles, or dead pixels. I was reading a report by a Wall St. research analyst that said exchange rates for the Pre have been lower than expected. I'll try to find the quote. I think these message boards over amplify problems.
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    Also got mine on launch day. There is a little wobble, barely noticeable. No dead pixels nor cracks, discoloration, etc. It is a good phone. Have a few reception issues at home but the airave appears to have fixed that. My daughters bb also had reception issues inside, so can't really blame the phone for that.
    All in all no problems. Oh yeah, I still have the sleeping bag for the pre.
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    I lurve my Pre! <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Why do you people need to echo each other on how great your phones are? Grow up.
    There is actually no reason to hurl an insult at these guys.
    Please keep to the discussion topic.

    Just call me Berd.
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    <<edited by berd - unnecessary >>
    my phone is perfect.
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    Lauch day, perfectly happy, no problems on my rooted pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Yes, being sold a defective product sucks, especially 4 times in a row. Why are you giving Palm a pass? Since when has this become acceptableN
    You're actually borderline 'Thread Crapping'
    Please review forum guidelines.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Got it at launch day, works perfectly. My wife also got one, had a battery drain problem so replaced 2 weeks later and now works perfectly.
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    Count me in too. Got my Pre on launch date at local Sprint store. No noticeable problems.
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    I got mine on June 6th and have a little screen wobble, but nothing worth complaining about. I also got another Pre over telesales last Sunday, and it arrived this past Wednesday, and looks to be in great condition (no dead pixels or unusual wobble either).

    So, to counter-act these "negative" threads, who has bought a Pre and not run into ANY issues with the hardware?
    Got mine about 2:00 on 6/6. It unexpectedly shut down on me, today in the 100 degree heat. Other than that, no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    So? That does no invalidate complaints about build quality.

    I'm on my 5th Pre, which actually works, who are you to try to discount the hassle I had to go through?
    Yeah, that's exactly what the OP was doing. You had to use the super-secret message decoder ring to find it though. I'm wondering how you got one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    That some are lucky to find a good phone at launch should not be newsworthy.
    Yeah, it's very important (to some) that only complaints be aired. No point (to some) in anyone knowing about the vast majority of Pre owners that are satisfied with their purchase.
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    I'm on #3...but #'s 1 & 2 were better than any WinMo or iPoon out there. It could be #10 for all I care. PRE FOR ME!!! LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Why do you people need to echo each other on how great your phones are? Grow up.
    Um.... because that was the purpose of this particular thread?
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