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    All good here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Yes, being sold a defective product sucks, especially 4 times in a row. Why are you giving Palm a pass? Since when has this become acceptableN
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    You forgot to add a space following a comma. I'm typing on my Pre, what's your excuse?
    using the iPhone.
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    Got my Pre on launch day at around 8:00 am.

    No problems with it, at all. Never dropped and no scratches on the case or screen.

    None of the problems others say they have. Very happy with it. It's a keeper.

    I just do a reboot about every 2 or 3 days to keep it crispy.

    Black sleeve box and warranty date of 05/14/09. FW 1.0.4.....

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    got my pre on launch day as b-day present...still in top condition...besides the back creaking and the screen having a little play when closed.
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    No one makes a perfect device and then mass-produces it perfectly. Maybe the quality has not been consistent, but poll-after-poll proves that more people here (forums are a little bit skewed, I admit) are happy with their Palm Pre. Its also a fact that those who are unhappy voice their opinion louder and more frequent than those who are happy.

    So forgive us for rallying each other, but this is not just a place for you who have only negative things to say!

    I have had my Pre since day 1, and nothing has ruined my experience so far!
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    No problems here.
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    Purchased mine on launch with a build date of 5/17/09 and everything is just peachy. Sprint service is great where I live to boot!
    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    That some are lucky to find a good phone at launch should not be newsworthy.
    No, but problems at launch are always highlighted in the media. In addition to this, everyone knows that you are far more likely to go log onto a forum if you are having problems than if you aren't. Again no one is discounting the fact that you've had problems. I don't know why you would assume that this was OP's agenda.
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    got mine a week after launch and no problems
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    I'm loving this phone! I was the first one in line on launch day and it has been totally worth it! I hope that the people who have had problems have better luck soon!
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    Bought mine on day one. Dropped it on day two. No damage done, fortunately. Still more than happy that I chose a Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by equus View Post
    Launch Day owner.........been perfect, no wooble, no screen glitches, in the past week battery life has slowly increased which is as it was supposed to. Happy Camper here.
    Exactly the same here. Bought 2 (one for wifey and one for me) on launch day and have had zero problems. Absolutely thrilled with them.
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    people are

    On my first pre here and I have a bit of a wobble but other than that its great!! and i droped mine down a stair case! it just confermed for me that its not such a weak phone like I thought it was.

    If I had to go through what some people here did... eg replacing the phone several times then I would have gone iphone after the second one. thank pre that i didnt though
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    I'm on my first one still bought it on launch day, I have dropped it twice cussed at it told it it just wants to be an iphone and it is still kikin lol what are you people doing to this poor phone )))))
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    My wife and I each bought one on 6-6. No problems with either one. Hers has a slight keyboard wobble, but nothing worth acting on. Mine is perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Why do you people need to echo each other on how great your phones are? Grow up.
    With all the negative posts, it is sometimes nice to see that not everybody is having major issues and had to take their phone back. If somebody is reading this forum because they are considering a Pre and only sees negative posts, they are more likely to go elsewhere. This positive posts help to let viewers know that not everybody is having problems.

    I am also on my original Pre and like it more now that I did when I first got it.
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    Got mine on launch day and it's been great so far. No dropped calls or loss of EVDO, and just one reset in the first few days trying to read a 300 page pdf doc. No wobble or dead/stuck pixels. And the battery lasts almost 2 full days with my typical usage (much better than the first couple of days). It's been pretty much perfect and I am getting a couple more for birthday presents for my kids.

    I feel sorry for those with problems as it does seem that the build defect rate is more than 20% instead of the 3-5 percent that one should expect. Palm needs to work on that for sure. But WebOS and the rest of the features really do exceed my expectations for a v1.0 can only get better.

    Those that say that the Pre should not have been released or that it has failed are just dead wrong in my opinion.
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    Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    That some are lucky to find a good phone at launch should not be newsworthy.
    Originally Posted by sivan:
    Why do you people need to echo each other on how great your phones are? Grow up.
    Actually you're opinion that only negative news and your opinions are note worthy shows your immaturity. The fact that you come into a thread where you know we're going to speak our "happy thoughts" and try to belittle us for them is hilarious.

    Why do you think your opinion and experience counts more than ours? Oh, I know. My bad, you're under 30 and think that yours is the only opinion that maters. If you're over 50 and show this trait, it's still social immaturity. The age of decision is 13. Most of us on this forum accept the fact that others have the right to their opinion and don't result to belittling them.
    Everyone, I call Troll. Ignore his comments and move forward with your productive posts. Stop feeding the troll
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    Me too. I love it, and I haven't had a problem yet. In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised with it.
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    Got mine on June 8th, No problems whatsoever... Slapped on an Invisible Shield within an hour of activating it...

    Of course, I keep it inside the sleeping bag it came with, inside a small pillow surrounded with bubble wrap, with a big 'Fragile' sticker pasted on it, and tethered to my belt with a leash just short enough to keep it from hitting the ground. ... ... Ok, not really, its been a great device sofar, I don't plan on kicking it out of bed...

    I do love the Invisi shield though, keeps it from sliding around on the dash of my car pretty nicely..
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