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    +3 of us here! Best damn thing ever!

    - D2G
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    Purchased on launch day and love the pre more than ever
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    On my third since Launch Day.
    1st one - the battery issue (shut of intermittently - was exchanged, no fault no foul.)
    2nd developed a crack on the screen starting on the Launch Icon (lower right corner) and spread over the screen in a matter of hours. Also exchanged - plus was given a $25 service credit for my 'pain & suffering'. Pretty cool guy at the Sprint Repair Center in downtown Baltimore.
    3rd phone has worked great. No dead pixels, no wobble and no other abnormalities I've seen mentioned here.
    I did install the 'InvisiShield' screen protector from Zagg. Great $15 investment that I highly recommend.
    My brother also bought his day one and hasn't had any issues and is still on his 1st device.
    For a v1 device... I love it.
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    I got mine on day one no problems. well I droped it and it is kinda slow but I love it still
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    2 pres on launch day and not a single problem. As a matter of fact I'm still trying to get my wife a pre without paying 549$$ (c'mon sprint, hook an 11 year customer up). Great phone, lots of homebrews that work great, lots of pics, lots of music still over 6GB left, in fact i'm getting rid of sirius because of Pandora, Sprint sent me an airave for my house so I have 5 bars at home. 5 phones on my acct and a monthly bill of $205.00 1500 min, 6pm N&W, family locator, batteries could be better, no oreo or pixel problem. So if anyone of you who hate their pre wants to get rid of it send me a pm (or are you just trolling?). I would like to get a pre for my wifes bday 9-5-09, any ideas???
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    My phone has been on boats, camping, googling, purchasing, playing, calling, and texting....flawlessly, since the first week of June. I was shocked to hear of all of the cases of returned Pre's. I've had my fair share of first generation phones/electronics....and this, for me, has been one of the most successful, best performing investments I could ever think of making. And, for those of you who are complaining about returning your Pre? Who cares! The phone is too new to get a referb, and chances're being too rough on your phone.
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    I know I am a late poster, but, I got mine on June 6th, was out there @ 5 in the morning, and have not mad any MAJOR problems yet, Still in love with my pre as if I just got it
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    Problem free Pre for me - Other than the known bugs (mp3 streaming, etc) Dropped it a dozen times too (Thank goodness for screen protector!). Slight bit of play when its closed, but hey it's hit the ground a dozen times.
    I wish- my pre hit the ground and the screen cracked- of course my protector didn't arrive until 4 days after the fact..
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    Got mine on Launch Day and haven't had anything other than a dead pixel at the bottom of the screen. I hardly even notice it. I'm loving the Homebrew and I just got the Seido 2600 extended battery. It's my first week with it and I don't worry about charging it, I play with everything and I leave my bluetooth, wifi on and it seems to be getting even better. Been a customer since 98 with every type of phone imaginable, this is the best phone I've had the pleasure of using.
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    Got mine on launch day...still working fine...little bit of oreo but my wife did drop it so I attest the oreo to that.
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    2 Pre's on Launch. Absolutley no issues. I did take a pretty hefty chunk out of my screen, due to having it on a swivel belt clip (face out) and caught it on my door handle at work. I have also, been loading it with Homebrews, Themes, ect. ect. adn no issues. I love this phone more and more everyday and catch myself looking at this site for no goodies all day long (every day). Cant wait for the New Update, and App Store, so I can put all my Tweaks back on.
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    I've had mine since launch day. Some small issues but nothing worth wanted to take my Pre back. Small amount of "oreo" and some really light small yellow blotches on a light screen. I just wish they would fix the bad reception problem.
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    Got mine one week after launch
    and haven't had any issues!
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    Launch Day Pre, works great!
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    Bought 2 at the launch party 6/5/09 both still good
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    Had mine for over two months now still A+
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    Benn trouble free for the most part since the week after launch when I bought it. Great phone! Sprint coverage is still an issue !
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    2 on 6/13 and have had no problems...
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    got my pre end of june early july,noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo problems.i love the pre,new models will get even better.
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