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    Got mine on launch day and I have not had any issues at all.
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    I got my Pre on launch day, and I've had no problems to date.
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    I thought I had no problems until I recently discovered it doesn't keep accurate time. Keeps drifting several seconds ahead each hour. I may try to exchange it now. I got it on launch day.
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    I got a refurb pre from 6/6/09 as a replacement for my phone.

    I've had it for a couple days now and it's tighter than any other pres I've had(2 others). Very happy so far.
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    I refuse to validate this thread with a response... wait... doh! I did it again...

    Ok since I'm here - I'm on my third Pre - had small battery issue (1st phone), wobbly screen issue (2nd phone), and the I-dropped-my-phone-and-cracked-the-edge-of-the-plastic issue (3rd phone).
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    got mine launch day.. has slight wobble but not bad.. unit started resetting when slider closed (had to do the paper trick and fixed it). I also had two bubbles that developed under the screen but can only see them in bright light (doesn't affect screen). I will prob get a replacement due to the bubbles once decent build quality is coming off the line.
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    amen brother
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    I'm another perfectly happy customer of the Pre since launch day!!
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    still going strong, except the latest update seems to cause some lag
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    All of these people from launch have zero issues? No side to side movement with the screen at all??
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    I got mine at launch first thing. My battery was draining real bad, but I did a soft reset & it survives now. I also have some issues with the headset not always clicking back over to the speaker, but with a few attempt of plugging & un-plugging, it usually goes back.

    Didn't want to exchange for fear of the dreaded Wobble...
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    Mine of course has wobble, but what slider doesn't, at least a little? None! With that said, I've had no issues, except for the random phone shutting off issue, but I chalk that up to the battery losing contact issue.
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    I got mine on launch day i was the 26th person in the store . My Pre is fine. actually its getting better with the home brewed apps on it and this forum
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    I'm another one of those "launch day" Pre owners and nothing is wrong with mine. Very little play on the slider, although I'm worried it'll get worse eventually, but so far, no problems.
    So glad I discovered Homebrew recently...
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    been great from the outset! love my Pre!
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    Got mine at launch and it's still going strong. Lovin it.
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    Best device I've owned - ever!
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    count me in, but just got mine this month...
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    1st person in the store on launch day.
    took it back because the google search was in spanish for a while, then it changed to french.
    don't know what they did, but I got the same phone back with english google.
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    I bought 2 friday night 6/5/09 at the Pre Launch Party and both are still good, no return. I even droped mine in the driveway. NO PROBLEM
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