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    My pre is still running strong and very reliable...vs my HTC WM6.1 phone that requires a soft reboot at least 5 times daily.
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    I am very glad that the O P started this thread as I hope to get a Pre in a couple of months and all I have read is so much negative comments about the Pre, so it's nice to have a thread like this.
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    I'm a Jun 10 purchase, and mine is fine. Has even less oreo than my wife's which was a Jul 8 purchase.
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    Launch day here. Few drops but still strong. Knok on wood.
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    Been lurking here for a while now, but felt compelled to join in! My Pre has been perfect since day one!
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    Got mine at the launch party in Dallas (June 5) and have no problems whatsoever!
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    Got mine opening day and with the exception of a few dead pixels on the bottom of the screen, no problems.
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    Two Pre's purchased June 16th, both perfect.
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    I got mine at 9 AM the day it was released. I Love this phone. definately my favorite device ever.

    I have had no hardware issues whats-so-ever. The phone is solid, no screen wobble, screen is beautiful, and everything reacts as it should (within reason). I've not had it freeze up once.

    I have had issues with the touchstone and car chargers though, but thats not the pre hardware itself, so I guess thats for a different topic.

    Oh, and my battery life is amazing.

    Theres certainly minor things that need improvements. But I love this phone and am excited to support it fully throughout all updates, changes, and improvements to come.
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    My Pre is fine. Got it on launch day.
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    I got mine 6 days after launch still not having any hardware issues.
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    June 10th, no problems.
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    Guess I spoke to soon...just got my first replacement and I must say the build quality is alot better as well as the sensitivity of the screen in respect to responsiveness ... Also screw asuriom way to involved to get a replacement just go to you local repair and demand a new pre worked for me hopefully this one holds up .. Supposidly if you use the touch screen to hard in the icon area it will create small cracks which make the pre inop
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    dob: july 2nd, 2009

    no probs
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    Got it launch day and its still perfect not even one dead pixel
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    It's been several days. Anyone else just get one?
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    I got my Pre 6 days after launch and had a battery issue. It was shutting down if my Pre was shaken or closed quickly. I put a small piece of paper between the battery to help with the contacts and it solved my issue. Rather than give me a new battery, they gave me a new PRE. No probs since then.
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    My launch day Pre was returned because it would log me out of Palm Profile every other day. My replacement Pre is doing fine.
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    Got mine a little over a week ago. Very slight "oreo effect", but it does not bother me. No issues, have only reset the phone once in 7 days (not mandatory...just did it after a PRL update)...

    My HTC Touch had to be reset 3 times/day....
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    As someone who is getting the Pre this week, this thread is a welcome relief from all the negative ones I have read.
    It helps me to read these and know that there are people happy with their Pre.
    Thanks OP!

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