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    I had the same issue at the sprint store in Winchester VA, which is not a corp store. I explained the twisting, and showed how it was interfering with sliding the phone up with 1 hand using the gesture area. They looked at the phone at first, then popped the back off and took the battery out (while it was still powered on LOL) and started the exchange.

    Then the rep talked to the manager who said the phone was functional, and that they wouldn't exchange it. They then tried to say the slider issue was from groves inside the phone caused by to much pressure (like from being in my pocket, or setting something heavy on it (and I thought groves from movement caused by pressure in my pocket? (I guess my robotic thumbs need adjusted again))). They had a Pre associate (the employee they had with a pre) in the store at the time and his response was "mine does the same thing". (I guess I could live with it if my phone were free too LOL )

    After about 20 minutes of getting nowhere I had then do a return on the phone and then went to another store about 30 minutes away and purchased another. I didn't have any issue with my upgrade or anything from there. The new ones has less movement than the one I returned, but more then when my first one was brand new on June 6th. I will have to keep an eye on it and be sure it doesn't get worse over time like the first one.
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    this is purely anectodal here, but it appears that the corp stores tend to have more pres than the 3rd party stores, and are therefore easier to exchange. i bought mine at a 3rd party store (i didn't even know there were such things as corp and 3rd party stores until i had to exchange mine... apparently they are required to have signage that says Sprint Store by 3rdPartyNameHere so pay attention to that when you walk into a store) and when i had to exchange it for the 3rd time because my 2nd pre had a bubble underneath the screen they said that they will only do one store exchange and that i would have to do an advanced exchange which they can't do and told me to go to another store.

    i went to another 3rd party store that was authorized to do the advanced exchange, that had pres on hand, but won't do an in-store exchange either because i didn't buy it from them. so finally i went to the corporate store, and the sprint person there was able to add me to their system and do an advanced exchange right there with the stock they had on hand. when he opened the drawer i could see that they had a ton of pres in there as well. apparently they get shipments in pretty regularly and keep a healthy stock on hand.
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    has any taken photos of the Oreo Effect?
    Mike Dixon
    Software Developer
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    Yea I bought a couple of phone and they absolutely refused to exchange the broken one. I returned the phone, got a refund and purchased a new one on the spot.
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    Just exchanged mine today, due to oreo-ing effect, creaking noise from battery cover when typing, touch screen not responsive when typing on it. My new one still have some oreo-ing effect, no creaking noise but found 2 dead pixel. should i go back and exchange again?
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    Stopped by Best Buy on my way home from work, and someone was in the process of activating the last one they had. They asked if I wanted to put down a $50 deposit to be put on the callback list for their current order of 13 Pre's that will be coming in within a week.

    I told them I'd rather go check out some Sprint stores, so they immediately waived this $50 fee and I'm the first on the list for this shipment of 13. My plan is to inspect the phones and avoid buying one if they're oreotastic. I'm glad I've already geeked out on a Pre for a few weeks before returning it and can be patient this time.
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    Just to update my thread, I got the call back from Best Buy and picked up a Pre that has a manufacture date of 7/2, with 1.0.3 out of the box. It doesn't seem to have any slider issues at all and feels perfectly solid!

    I haven't had it for very long but haven't been able to find anything wrong with it yet. It seems like there might be a trend with new shipments of July phones at Best Buy. See this thread for several people who are reporting solid new phones.

    Not only did I get the new Pre, but my ghost armor showed up today too. Synchronicity at its finest.
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    wow this sounds an awful lot like my experience, tried to get a 3rd pre but no dice. stores shot me down for those exact reasons you pointed out. my only choices now are to get a refund and close account, choose a different phone or keep the oreo pre they gave me. sucks...
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    I have a launch day pre, between myself and my mother.
    Both Pre's have an Oreo effect, hers is worse. I can't close my phone smoothly, it gets stuck at the bottom.
    Ive gotten the SAME hassle from my store here in Ohio. They were completely unwilling to change it out unless it fails on its own. It was a corp store and there are 10 other Sprint stores in the area, but I'm only allowed to go to 2 because they are "Tech" stores, which is stupid.
    I tried another store and they sent me back to the original store. If I pay $300 dollars for a device, shouldn't it be great? My friend's crappy free dropped slider phone held up better than my pre. But, I don't want any other phone :[

    I'm about to rip it further and say it has just became loose.
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