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    I'm just posting up my workaround for enabling nudging for those, who like me, are computer illiterate but also really need the nudging feature. Now I'm sure there are plenty of intelligent people who figured this out all on their own, but all those I've spoken with, who have the Pre, have not.

    I was opposed to modding my phone or installing any homebrew apps however the need for nudging prevailed so here's my "pseudo-nudging" solution, until palm finally enables nudging.

    1. Install Kaerey's "My Notification's" app. [Thank's Kaerey for your hardwork. My Pre can now nudge me awake thanks to your app]

    2. Take the tone you want and using the [free] program audacity make a wav file that loops your alert tone at the desired interval for 1-2 hours.

    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    Mine beeps once the first minute, once the second minute, then continuously for 1 hour. This is easy to do using audacity which allows you to cut and paste.

    Save the file as a wav file. It will be large, but I am told wav files are easier to play since they are not compressed.

    3. Transfer the wav file to the ringtones folder on your pre

    4. In the My Notifications app under the "alert" setting which corresponds to the calendar, select the wav file you transferred

    Now when the calendar plays an alert, it will play the entire 1 hour wav file you made unless you press the dismiss button which stops it. Obviously this isn't really nudging but for all intensive purposes it functions equivalently.

    If you use the calendar app to wake you up, there are additional concerns that you may be disturbed by incoming texts or email notificaitons.

    However, there are two solutions to this. You can either put the phone in airplane mode, or you can create a wav file that plays no sound.
    I did this quickly using windows' sound recorder program by hitting the record button without a microphone connected. When I go to sleep I open the "my notifications" app and set the "notifications" setting to this "silent wav file."

    I also made a quiet notifications tone using audacity in the event that I still want loud calendar alerts but quiet email/text notifications.
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    Might be nice if you explain what "nudging" is.
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    Some people awhile back were asking whether the Pre's Calendar can play a tone at some specified interval until the alarm is dismissed. It doesn't The pre's calendar only supports notifications [I'm defining notification as any tone played only once. This is in contrast to an alert/alarm which will sound forever unless turned off.]

    Using Kaerey's app and a wav file that plays tones at a given interval of time, you can get the Pre's calendar to continuously "nudge" [play a tone at a given specified interval of time] until you dismiss the alert/alarm.

    As I indicated above, using a really long wav file that plays an alert every few minutes will function the same as nudging

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