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    I run off of wifi all the time at home. I have been going to a hospital that has wifi and am having problems. My Sprint signal at the hospital is poor and often times roams (with strong signal). Most of the time, I can email and text, but there are times when I'll get an alert that an email was not sent. Nothing other than email or text relating to the internet works. I get the messages in the attached screen shots. I don't know if the wifi signal indicator on the Pre is variable or just on/off, but it fills all three rays. Any idea why I would have such poor results? Secondly, I assume when you get a email alert as to the inability to send that it retires and it eventually goes out. Can someone confirm?
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    Maybe you are far away from the router?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPre1337 View Post
    Maybe you are far away from the router?
    That could well be, but I see lots of people working on their laptops.
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    As a general rule, laptops have better WiFi hardware than portable devices.
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    Is there any security to your hospital WiFi....I'm having issues with our hospital WiFi. When not using VPN (which isn't available yet for the Pre) it requires a login via a webpage. Unfortunately, it seems that the Pre times out of the HTML login fairly quickly (possibly everytime the screen shuts down for a while), but I don't get any sort of pop-up warning me that it's logging out or has logged out (and I don't have pop-ups blocked for the Pre browser). So when I get that "email sending error" message, I get back on the browser, and re-log's a bit of a pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPre1337 View Post
    As a general rule, laptops have better WiFi hardware than portable devices.
    Agreed, my laptop still has a connection while im sitting near the pool as the pre only picks up my neighbors connection.
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    Thanks all. No security. It is a public wifi.
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    Well, usually at hospitals it's much harder to get a clear, steady cellphone or wifi signal because there is a large amount of equipment that gives off radiation and other radio interference that could reduce the strength of such connections. As mentioned above, because laptops have better wifi hardware, it could be easier for them to maintain a connection, explaining why your Pre struggles to do so although laptop users seem to fine. Just one possible explanation for why you might be experiencing difficulties.
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    The above post also has a good point, it's a known fact that even a Christmas tree with tinsel can reduce WiFi signal.
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    Have a similar problem.... wifi signal is strong here in the ED and friends iphone's work : (
    There is an initially log in screen to access the network (I have a log in) that I can't figure out how to get my pre to load.... any thoughts?
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    If you know where the router/hub is located, you can always make yourself a parabolic reflector out of aluminum foil, and point it at the thing.

    How To Boost Wi-Fi Range With A Homemade Parabolic Reflector - Video

    As long as you can keep your Pre at the focus of the parabola, and as long as the reflector is pointed toward the WiFi source, you should see a marked increase in signal strength. Of course, if you're walking around all day, it's not going to be practical. But if you're sitting in an office or something, it should work.

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