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    So last night I had my phone on mute. Got a phone call then a voicemail, which was silent but vibrated. However, this morning I took my phone off of mute and had it next to me while watching tv. I look at it to find something and find 3 text messages I somehow missed. After talking with someone over sms I realized that even though my ringer volume and regular volume were at max, text messages were no longer having any audio notification even though it is setup to.

    After 10 minutes of trying different things I rebooted the phone, and now text messages are sounding correctly. Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Yes. This keeps happening. I thought it was just my phone or user error.
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    Same thing call last night (soilid coverage were i live), phone vollume on and up, no ring, visual notification only of the missed call??? bummer
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    So I Just got this happening again this morning, just a few hours after I rebooted. Just got an SMS message and no sound Here's a log of what I did in case dev's read this (don't know where else to report it)

    . Never muted the phone, but I did ignore one call (power button twice), made a call, then received (and answered) another call. After that I did add music to it via WMP syncing. After that I unplugged to exit usb mode (it complained of damaged data, even though I did eject the pre in software first (and got windows confirmation that it was safe to remove)). Then I loaded the media player to make sure all my music was found.

    I hope this gets fixed

    *edit* as a note, the last phone call received DID have the correct volume ringer going, so maybe it has to do with coming in and out of usb mode.
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    Yeah, so do I -- this is highly problematic for me. I need to know if, say, my kid is calling me in an emergency. Visual notification is simply not good enough.
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    this has happened to me too. I can't get my sms sound for some reason when I get a text, and everything is set to highest too?!

    anyone figure out a fix yet??
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    Okay, so if a bunch of us are having this issue, does than make it a bug? Or are our phones defective?

    If the rest of the board could chime in on this, it would go a long way toward figuring that out
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    I also don't have the "swoosh" sound anymore as well when closing cards and stuff? This all occured after charging my phone (from a/c) I feel. And no sms sound notification which is on, and I restarted my phone 3 times and still nothing...
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    Both of my Pres did that too, the second one did it quite a bit yesterday. Also, yesterday I send a MMS to a friend, and he didn't get it until about 4 hours later! His Pre does it too once in a while that the SMS notifications lack the sound.

    It's definitely a bug...too many phones are doing it!
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    Well, if it IS a bug, is it something that can be fixed by PALM via a software update? Or is this a hardware related glitch? I'm thinking software, but lack the tech savvy to really know that.
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    same here, WTF PALM!!!
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    We should all call Palm tech support so that they are aware of the issue. I am betting its software too!
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    has anybody tried a partial erase or a full erase to see if their notification sounds come back?
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    Usually turning the phone off and back on "fixes" the issue, no need to go all drastic with a partial erase.

    Also, I would like to mention that I barely mute my phone with the ringer switch, it just decides to sometimes not make the notification sound, seems pretty random really. It's only after I notice about 2 or 3 text messages coming in with only a visual warning, that I turn the phone off and back on again.
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    Yeah powering the phone off and then turning it back on temporarily fixes this issue, no need for an erase.
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    My buddy had suggested that maybe it's due to having the SMS program open with a particular person, that while it is open, it won't do the sounds. However, I had the program open and received 4 texts from that person in like 10 mins. Between each incoming text, the screen was off. 3 of the 4 came in with the sound, one did not. After one came in without the sound, the next one had the sound again, and that's without doing anything to the phone.

    Definitely a software bug in there somehow.
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    Yeah, I've noticed that turning off and back on fixes it. But SERIOUSLY?! I can't be doing that all darn day. I teach at a University and am muting/unmuting my phone all day long.

    They need to get this fixed.
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    My Pre did it yesterday as well. My younger brother was playing Speed Brain and accidentally muted the phone when he was holding it. When I got it back, I noticed the sound was on mute and changed it back. After that, my notifications and swoosh sound were lost. I simply muted, then unmuted and all was fixed. Haven't had the problem since.
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    I think this is the same silent issue that happened with the 800w and probably the treo pro. It's freaking annoying.

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