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    I tried searching, so I dunno if its been covered, or maybe this is standard for Palm(this is my first Palm device), but the plug comes apart... I came home and found it apart but still plugged in and I thought it broke, until I realized its by design... Is this so the charger can go to other countries? Seems like sound reasoning...
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    that would be great if it can be converted to for other countries. or maybe this is a manufacturing trick so that palm can easily modify it for other countries.
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    Yep, that's exactly why. If you've ever seen Apple power adapters, they do the same thing.
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    I ordered the international wall charger for the Pre and it's the same plug with different adaptors for the different countries. So the one they inlcluded is the same just only has the U.S. plug with it.
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    Yes different tips for different countries
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    wow lol i had no idea..sweeeet
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    Does anyone know if I can use my iphone wall charger with my pre? Is there some kind of voltage difference to woory about? Its just that the pres charger is like twice as big and seems to stick out unusually far, if % can use the iphones ,I'd just assume do it.
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    The new HTC chargers have the plugs that can be removed in the same fashion as well.
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    So the palm international charger that came with my pre quit! Still waiting for stock at my local sprint store to exchange my pre for multiple issues. So I decided to call palm support about my epic fail charger, and after hearing "I am sorry for that" about 20 times from the malaysian call center or wherever it is, they said they would send me a new charger. Below is what I got:

    It works fine with the touchstone. I could swear I saw it on palm's site at one time but can't find it now.

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