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    I've used the tree-formatted database Bonsai for years on the Palm and Treo for keeping track of work ideas, books to read, restaurants to visit, etc. Any suggestions for what to use until a similar native app appears for the Pre? Web apps such as Google Tasks? I don't want to use the old emulator. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    I'm using Evernote, albeit not without reservations. The good news is that EN has clients for many, many platforms that all work off the same dataset - so you can interact with your notes on your Pre, on Windows, via a web browser, etc. Searching works very well - full text search, plus you can assign multiple tags to each note, like categories on steroids.

    The bad news is that at least for now, the Pre client isn't caching your notes locally. That means if you don't have a network connection, your notes are totally inaccessible. I hope/believe this will change as the application is fleshed out (current version is 0.1.11, not close to a v1 release yet). It has been reported that on other platforms (with more mature clients) notes ARE cached locally.
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    Thanks for the advice. I use EverNote on my PC, will try it out on the Pre. I suppose I can use tags like Book, Restaurant in order to keep track of things that I want to remember to check out in the future.

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