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    was looking around couldnt find a good place.

    Any luck?
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    I can't post links yet, but try this (remove the spaces):

    www . mobango . com/ tunes/ free-mobile-stuff/ 4
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    You could try the ones here if like the Treo ringtones. In my opinion they are far better than the default ringtones on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biggamer3 View Post
    was looking around couldnt find a good place.

    Any luck?
    With a Pre, every MP3 can be a ringtone. Pick out the section you want, adjust the volume and store it under ringtones on your Pre.

    The Tips and Tricks has the links.

    - Craig
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    zedge .com
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    Free Ringtones - Free MP3 Ringtones - Free Mobile Downloads -, Free Ringtones, Logos, Mobile Videos - FunForMobile and Free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, videos and games for your cell phone | Zedge are the top 3 free ringtone sites I previously used until I downloaded jetAudio and make my own from MP3 tunes I have on my home PC.
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    Does myxer with the pre?

    i love that site
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAJ View Post
    zedge .com
    I second this
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