Okay, freaking out a little here. First, I've had my pre for just under a week. I love it. But, today it did something completely wiggy. I was texting and including photos in the texts. Had Pandora going in the background and my mail browser was open behind the texts I was sending. So, I got the first few (of multiple) texts out, no problem. Then, another friend texted me to call her. So, I used gestures to minimize the messaging center and swished it up and away. Then I hit the phone icon. Nothing. Then I went to hit the phone icon again but my finger hit the center button and the messaging center that I had just swished away came back... literally from the top of the screen it redecended.

So, I swished it away again. Made the swish sound. It left the screen. I pressed the center button again and the message center app returned once more.

I swished it away again and tried to hit the phone icon again. Still nothing. So, I tried to hit the power switch to power down. Well, it wouldn't. I had to pop the battery. The device seems to be working again, but I am MORE than a little concerned that this happened with a brand new device.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Was it a one time glitch or does it repeat itself? I need to know, because I need my phone to work when I need my phone.

For the record, I have had no other issues with my device other than the wobble -- which is annoying, but I can live with it (for now).