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    So I'm on my 2nd pre, after returning the first with bad screen distortion and 5 blown pixels. Now it has a severe "oreo twist" problem, and I have been told that if I return it a second time, I will have to accept a refurbished pre instead of a new one. There is no way Im' going to take a refurbished phone to replace two faulty ones within 30 days, expecially after spending $200 on it. Has anyone else run into this problem? Really bummed because other than the hardware problems, the phone is awesome.
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    I've heard it's at the sprint store discretion. The policy states you may return a phone once, before you have to deal with manufacturing warranties. I returned 3 phones, and they would let me return my 4th saying that I must use my insurance. I went to palm and palm said they will either conference call with the store and you and *try* to convince them to give you a replacement, or they will take the phone in and give you a refurb. As stupid as it may sound, I would much rather want a refurb over a new one with all the problems I've had.
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    What you do is return it. Hit a different store if they won't exchange or give you trouble.

    No matter what policy they come up with it doesn't overide that 30 days you have to return for full refund.
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    morrison, have you tried tightening the screws located under the back cover?
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    I don't advise touching the screws, someone tried that a broke the screw head off (it's posted in one of these threads).

    Let him deal with returning it.

    He could end up making it worse.

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    The screws are very easy to break btw. You don't have to overtighten by much. Ask me how i know
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    I agree with ken0311. Often a refurbished is better because a technician has actually checked it out instead of coming off a low tech assembly line.
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    Refurbs do go through a much stricter QC process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donatom3 View Post
    Refurbs do go through a much stricter QC process.
    yeah, but they should not cost the same as a New one. I had the refurbished response from my point of sale. I flatly refused and mentioned calling premier care reguarding the issue. I got a new one same day. 2nd exchange is on the way. I, at this point will settle for a refurb, but I do expect a $100 credit on my account because of the refurb. Unreasonable? No I don't think so. I'm not going to take a used piece of equipment at the same cost of a new one within 30 days. I work for ATT I understand that refurbs get inspected more. But they also get a hefty discount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donatom3 View Post
    Refurbs do go through a much stricter QC process.
    I've heard many people repeat this but I'm not sure that it's true. What evidence do you have about Pre manufacturing to back this up?

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