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    I posted yesterday about the headphones issue and i saw many had the same problems as me. I was told to wait a few seconds after song is paused to remove headphones and whatever.

    I did and today again i removed headphones and i make a call, the other person hears me perfectly and i CANT hear him at all.

    I put in headphone in/out a few times and recall and he tells me he heard me perfectly only i couldnt hear him.

    2nd day in a row i had this issue with someone on the phone.

    I love my Pre and want to stick with it, but i think this problem is really bad since i use the music player a lot.

    Want top see how common this is
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    You know, this happened to me for the first time today... twice! Pretty annoying... I mean, I love the phone, but Palm better fix that and do it soon..
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    happens to me everytime.. literally.. takes me a couple of tries to make it work again by putting the headset in and out..
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    From what I have read, the issue is that we are listening to music, not closing the music app all the way before removing the headphones. The phone thinks that the headphones are still in and therefore the problem.

    To counteract this, with the earphones still plugged into the phone, close the music app when you are done using it and then make the call. Otherwise, keep the headphones in and make the call and keep the app open, so when you are done, you can continue playing the music.
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    Yeah it's common. I blew air into the jack and fixed it, but I don't know if it's device specific. That Pre was exchanged for other problems.
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    Not an issue when removing the headphones, but if I get into the car, plug in the cassette adapter and try to make a phone call using the speakerphone (with the car stereo speakers) the person on the other line can't hear me until I pull the plug out and put it back in. Now, if THEY call me and I answer, then it's OK. Dunno, sorta weird but I figure they'll get that fixed sooner or later.
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