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    The new Tips and Tricks 1.7 is out today and now includes a couple dozen one-key shortcuts.

    For instance, you can get Help by pressing the Launcher button, go to the second screen and click Help.

    Or you can use the shortcut - Tap H from the main screen and click Help.

    OK, so that is really more like 2 keystrokes.

    Someday soon as we get more apps and can officially have more pages in the Launcher , this will give us a better way of finding an app than digging through pages.

    These shortcuts also show your Speed Dials. So for me, H also brings up my home number. Dialing a Speed dial or setting one up is as it always has been. See the Tips and Tricks.

    With the one-key shortcut you are never more than two taps away from any of your apps.

    - Craig
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    Coindidentally, see Deiter's article today on:

    Palm Pre Keyboard Tricks.

    - Craig
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    I may have been the last to find out how these worked?

    - Craig
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    Why should undo be gesture c and not gesture z?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    Why should undo be gesture c and not gesture z?
    Thank you! That was a typo.

    - Craig

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