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    Anyone have issues with Fandango working properly on the Pre. I am on a 1X network in my area and I can pull up Fandango and see the movie listings, but when I press to view a trailer I get the black thinking/processing screen and then it displays a message saying: There was an error playing the file.

    Now if I am around a wifi connection this does not happen. Could it be that the Pre has no buffering or what do you think?

    The same will happen with youtube videos, it takes it forever on the 1X network and even if I wait a while it still will not buffer and then play.
    I compared my phone to my buddies on edge and his takes a few seconds to buffer most of the video and then it plays it without problems. Aren't both these networks just as slow? And could it be the Pre that has no buffering?

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    The 1x network is too slow to play the trailer on fandango. You might want to try flixter trailers. They are lower resolution and should play better on a 1x network.

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    Thanks. I'll try it out...
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    EDGE is 3G, 1x is not. 1x is literally only a tiny bit faster than dialup, nowhere near fast enough to do any kind of streaming video.
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    Is the phone in 1X whenever the Ev is grey? Sorry for the dumb question, but since this thread makes mention of it I figured better to ask here than start a new thread.

    also fandango did something similar early today for me. It just wouldn't totally load the program and the Ev was grey at the time.
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    Tried flixter and the same error... I am not worried about it being slow because I know its 1X, but cant the pre buffer it all then play it? is there anywhere to adjust these settings?
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    Unfortunately where I live sprint is only 1X. If I go to a larger city or metropolitan area, the phone switches to EV and it is very fast and everything works.
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    My winmo phone would buffer most of the video and then play on the 1x network, but the pre must not have sufficient buffering or a way to modify it !!!

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