I'm patiently waiting for Palm Pre to arrive here in the united kingdom, my last 3 phones have all been windows mobile and I currently had a touch HD with 3.8" screen. I love the HD for it's screen but the windows 6.1 is so clunky and feels ancient to what Web OS offers. My Htc is well built but it's not pocketable and although the htc touchflow running ontop is an improvement on windows 6.1 it is still a pain and not a pleasure to use. I've heard the good the bad and the ugly about the Palm pre and still think that it's a great smartphone. I've never owned a iphone or any apple products but fair play to them as they run a smooth ship and repeat business and word of mouth have helped their fanbase grow.
Now Palm to me is a underdog and I love to see a good comeback hence the new Pre is both a total new design (great looks so so build) and a fantastic new operating system. I feel that once the european stock arrives we will see a much improve build quality.
I hope that I will just have to pop my sim in and off I go as my carrier will not have the UK rights which will be O2 who have the iphone rights also. I have just received my battery cover for the touchstone just so I could have a feel of the size and dimensions in my hand.