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    Just curious if they give you all the accessories again or do they just give you the new phone with your old battery and keep everything else.

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    At my store, they took all the old stuff, and gave me the new Pre with everything in the new box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    At my store, they took all the old stuff, and gave me the new Pre with everything in the new box.
    Same with mine. I have seen on these forums that some people have coerced the sprint people to give them other items as well. I actually did not remember to put the pouch in and they did not notice so I have two pouches now.
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    I just brought the phone in without the box so they just swapped the phone, Im sure if I brought everything in they would have given me the new box.
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    When I returned my first Pre they only switched out the phone, when i returned the second one to get the third they took everything back and gave me the new box. I was even able to keep the old sleeve from the old one. This was kind of cool bc the one I got on launch day did not have the Palm logo on it, and the new one did.

    I'm hoping the newer shipment one is better than the last two. I really love the phone, but hate the hardware. The new one seems a little loose, but this sprint store has no problem giving me another one bc the tech who works there is on his third one too LOL.

    If you're having issues or whatever, then take it back ASAP.
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    well I'm bringing just my phone from my pants pocket and hopefully they'll give me the box with all fixins. I could use an extra micro usb and a spare pair of buds woulnt hurt either.

    all for my trouble right????
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    Everything was returned, everything given to me new. Which actually ended up sucking a little because of all things the new earbuds I got were not perfect. The connectioon with them could create a touch of static if moved just right. They will end up being returned though, as I swapped with my with, who is returning her Pre to get a Treo Pro.
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    i just went in with my phone. they replaced it and game me a new box with all the accessories. lol im on my 3rd pre, so i have 3 of everything
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    Some stores do some don't. I did my exchange right after I opened the first Pre for a dead earpiece and they gave me both boxes full of accessories.

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