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    I for instance had no idea that this site had a mobile version.

    Any way i can find out if the many other forums i check in on are mobile friendly?
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    I usually just google web site name and "mobile". Works every time. Here's a neat trick for some mobile sites (mostly news so far) which make them more readable on the Pre:
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    thanks for that post!

    but there are still too many forums not copying this sites Mobile version, we need more of this!
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    I may be in the minority, but I prefer non-mobile sites. With the great browser of the Pre, it seems a waste to use mobile sites.
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    guys i returned my Pre got a new one.

    Whats the mobile version of THIS forum again?

    how are we to know this?
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    Having just found it (and on it on the Pre now) I MUCH prefer the mobile site here. No pinching involved to navigate.

    I'm really diggin' the switch apps gesture. As I was typing this I got an email, checked on it by tapping the notification, and then simply swiped right to get back here.

    I love this phone.

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