The number I redial most when at work is labeled Dispatch. It has a string, 8005551212 followed by tttt5.

Most irritatingly, when I hit it in the phone log to redial, it doesn't redial the string. Not the end of the world, I just have to hit 5, after getting the keypad back that is.

Secondly, the phone number shows up in the call log, not "Dispatch". It is formatted with the area code in parenthesis, a space, and then 555-1212.

In contacts, it is formatted 8005551212ttt5. If I try to edit it, adding parenthesis and a dash, when I hit done it erases the edits, because of the string.

If I have no string on it, it reads "Dispatch" in the call log as I would prefer.

Anyone else having issues with numbers with a string not redialing the string and not showing up as the name in call log?