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    Bough 2 Pres on launch day for the wife & I. Mines fine, hers not so much. Battery life is terrible & build quality is pretty flimsy. Mine is solid & have no complaints.

    Sprints really being hard a*ses because every store I call in my area (there are like 10 corporate stores here) says the same thing. 2 week waiting list to exchange the Pre.

    I understand they have other people that are doing the same thing Im doing, but the list also includes people waiting to even get the Pre the first time. Shouldnt people with faulty Pres get first choice??

    Anyways, that puts us in a real pickle because the 30 day return period is coming up, so a 2 week wait isnt gonna cut it. So what am I supposed to do here?? Do I call in to CS & see what they can do??

    She likes the Pre, wants to keep it, but it might not be worth all this trouble.

    We both have Sprints warranty coverage on the phones BTW.
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    Just call customer service. They told me that because of stock issues your are still eligible for an exchange even if it goes past your 30 days. Makes sense, it's not your fault. Just make sure they notate your account (then call back to confirm)
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    It looks like they're saving the current phones for new customers to hook em then making them wait to replace them .. what a **** move.

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