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    I bought my pre on opening day at my local sprint store. My pre came with the first update already installed and had a very tight and accurate hinge mechanism. The whole time I was buying mine my girlfriend continued to say she didn't want a pre. After about 3 hrs of having mine at home I had to go find her one. My girlfriend likes to jog and was pulling the pre out to turn up the volume while running, and drop-kicked the pre! Think skidding across the pavement for 8 or ten feet. Other than some minor cosmetic damage, the phone is still perfect. Scratches, none of which ended up on the screen are all that is left from this. I should also point out that her pre also came loaded with the first update and had a tight sliding mechanism.

    Now a few days ago my pre gets stuck thinking the headset is plugged in. Tried all fixes on this site and anywhere I could find. Advanced tech support told me to take it in to the store. The store guys tried some stuff, hard reset,interactive headset screen, etc. They gave me a new pre. I was on lunch and hurried off. I get to using my pre and realize it had horrible "oreo wobble" and the left side had a visible gap while the other had none. I took the replacement back to the store and the guy replaced it no problem, possibly cause I was buying 2 touchstones. So then comes the replacement and same huge gap on the left and oreo wobble. The guys go through a whole box and find me one that is in what I consider to be the proper condition and am now writing this post. The Sprint guy said it was a whole shipment, and they had to open a different set to get mine. The wobbly one came with 1.02, while this one I took home came with 1.03.

    Sprint was great about it, quality contol by palm?

    I got 144 service credit from retentions for all the hassle.

    Just my story, what does everyone else think?

    i love the pre! just had to lighten the mood, it sounds like complaining but its not really
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