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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    How come the ESPN and Facebook Bookmark pictures don't change like the other bookmarks that the user adds?
    They have a SQL value changed from 0 to 1 or vice versa... I read about it a while back but couldn't find a SQL database reader that I could easily interpret and edit.
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    Thanks, cool trick
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    Quote Originally Posted by xashleychx View Post
    Thanks for the tip. Something which made this much more easy for me was searching IPhone icons on Google images, then cropping the Icon.
    Good One !
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    So the web page bookmarks cant be changed to an icon?? Why is the plam pre pre installed with some site's preinstalled in a icon fashion...
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    I think this technique can be applied perhaps in different ways. hmm.. let me mull it over.
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    Great find! great.
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    This is how I put google voice on my launcher again. Although, I really wish that there was a native google voice app again.
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    Legend. Such a simple solution that never came to me. I've used the trick for Google Reader - thanks!
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