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    Congrats ProfJonathan!

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    Palm wrote2 hours ago
    Meet the Real Reviewers and read about their experiences. For more information visit The Official Palm Blog: The reviews are in -- and just beginning.

    theorganizedmom: Organization is my life, and mobility is becoming an increasingly important feature in the organization tools I use!
    Previous phone: Blackberry

    Supernal: From 8 to 5, I work the usual job where as assistant director. After the regular work day, I begin working on my personal venture (a photography company I started at the beginning of the year).
    Previous phone: Treo

    Josh E.: I’m the E-Revenue Director for the American Cancer Society. I live and die by the online $ and email on the go. I love sports, music, and FOOTBALL!
    Previous phone: Treo

    Esteban from I have an innate desire to communicate, express, share, collaborate, and publish thoughts, ideas, views, and solutions to problems.
    Previous phone: Other smartphone

    Sean C.: I usually wake up at 7:30am, and before I physically get out of the bed, I grab my phone and check for any text messages or missed calls, as my circle of friends are night owls.
    Previous phone: Blackberry.

    Tessa H: I am passionate about blogging and am building that interest into a viable business. What started my blogging was my original passion: music.
    Previous phone: iPhone

    Stephanie P.: I am a 26-year-old lady sailor and educator with the Living Classrooms Foundation. A typical day includes loading 30 kids on a boat. Access to internet, weather, blogging, and e-mail is vital to help us all feel in the loop.
    Previous phone: Blackberry

    @ProfJonathan: Wake up, make coffee, get 3 kids onto school bus (oldest uses a T/X and infrared keyboard to help with writing challenges). Go to Touro Law Center on Long Island where I teach Internet law classes, drop in on IT department, chat about latest network upgrade.
    Previous phone: Feature phone

    @CRA1G (Craig Froehle): I’m a business professor at a large, urban research university and healthcare researcher at a top-rated pediatric hospital. Since I work from multiple locations and don’t always have my laptop handy, I am constantly accessing my calendar, contacts, email, web,m IM, etc., on my phone. In the evening, I will do typical family stuff, such as looking up bits of info one of the kids might ask about (‘Daddy, are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?’)
    Previous phone: Centro

    Riz Parvez: I’m passionate about mobile technology. I think that the potential of this field to meaningfully impact our lives is truly incredible. Think about what life was like before computers, before the Internet. We’re on the cusp of that kind of landmark change with mobile tech.
    Previous phone: Treo
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    Hey, I'm semi-famous! Thanks for posting that--I hadn't seen the blog (although obviously I knew I'd been named a Real Reviewer). {ProfJonathan}
    Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor
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    Past Palm Real Reviewer
    @webOSquire on Twitter
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    likewise! I'm pretty excited to be a part of this. Of course 99% of the people on this forum are posting their own "real reviews", so they're probably not interested in my $.02 :-) Jonathan, where/how are you planning on posting?
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    Old news, moving on...
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