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    I ordered a Pre for my wife's bday (tomorrow) via telesales on Saturday. It came in today, but it one of the ones with the gap the size of a penny. Should I send it back and ask for a new one before activation, or bring it to a store and do the same (or can I even do that)?

    I'm tempted to goto the store and try to swap before activation, but the reason I ordered via telesales, is because the local store didn't have any. I am not sure she will even want to keep it, she thinks phones are a waste of money, though it seems she really loves mine.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would attempt to return it to a store first but if that doesn't work contact telesales and have them send you a new one. I would do this before activation. Just my two cents. Good luck!
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    Get your wife the real deal, even if it causes delay. Don't let her deal with the headaches or she might forget how cool the phone is.

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