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    I'll start by saying I've had no problems with my Pre, except my signal strength isn't as good as my friend's Sprint Curve. I'm confident the signal issue can be addressed via a software update. If anyone watches the WM scene you can download all sorts of radio firmwares that have different effects on signal, battery consumption, and data speed.

    I came from a 3G so I still lurk in a very popular iPhone forum. I'm seeing lots of issues with the 3GS and the 3.0 update the iPhone recently had. The most commonly known problem is overheating which is causing a yellow tint on some phones and turning the white iPhones brown. iPhone's answer to multitasking, push notifications, is acting up and not working right for a lot of users. The 3GS was supposed to have better battery life but many users are reporting it's in fact worse than the 3G's battery. The 3GS is still cracking too for some users with normal use.

    My point is two fold. People come to forums to find answers to problems or see if anyone else is having that problem. People complain. I love my Pre and I just can't see myself going back to an iPhone unless they do some massive UI changes in 4.0. Palm released a great product called WebOS, if they don't mess it up it will be a huge success. I'm not a fanboy and I will look at what else is out there to buy in two years, but right now WebOS in my opinion is the place to be.

    Edit: Wanted to add I got three people to buy a Pre after they saw mine, all females. One left another carrier and two were already with Sprint. All three of them love their phone with the exception of it missing some minor features. One really wants custom message notifications when they get SMS messages from different people. Besides the fact they all want something minor added they love their phones.
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    How can you expect us to believe a crazy texan?

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