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    Anyone else with me? I seriously believe my phone has never dropped below 4 bars since I have had it. I use it tethered to my laptop in my car and browse at a pretty steady EVDO over 1x. I have used almost 1000 minutes in the week or so since I have had it and have had 0 dropped calls or the slightest 'can you hear me now' moment. Granted I use my Shure ear buds and mic because I am listening to music a lot. Heck I can use this bad boy in the basement of a 20 story building and enjoy an incredible signal.

    Houston and Sprint are a perfect match. Big boost over the iLose I had before this and I am glad I did not get the 3GS and don't have the constant drops and poor connection everyone else at work has. If they do add the push-to-talk feature I can guarantee that there will be another 25 Pres purchased by me.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread... Wasn't sure which to use. Figured at least someone should praise this phone even if it does have its flaws.
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    Sprint's network in a lot of places is awesome! I live in a small town and i get great speeds.
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    Here in Omaha Nebraska the Sprint reception has no rivals.
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    I have not had the same luck! My connection bounces around all the time, especially on 610 around the Galleria. Even though my Treo 800 had much better service, this phone has Pandora, so i am happy.
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    I live in Rosenberg and the only places I've had poor service are places no cell phones work.

    My pre has had much much much better reception than my iPhone ever did.
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    I have had great reception in Houston also. I was a little worried switching from Verizon, but no difference in network quality. The data network on Sprint seems faster but that probably has alot to do with my previous crappy phone on Verizon.

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