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    I've been on these boards since the launch trying to figure out if I wanted a Pre. I finally bought one today and have a few questions.

    1. How do I get to the app catalog?
    2. My launcher does not have all the applications (I see 10) that it should (sprint tv, nascar and a bunch more). How do I get them to show up? The launcher has a show apps which has a lot of entries but clicking on them only shows their version.
    3. Does Pre support Yahoo IM?
    4. How do I get to configuraton/settings for the Pre?
    5. Anything else a noob would appreciate using WebOs?


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    1. Should be on the middle page.
    2. Have you tried swiping left and right at the launcher? (sorry if this is obvious, but this is the only thing I can think of)
    3. Nope, (not yet, anyway)
    4. The third screen on the launcher from the left (so swipe twice to the left), and you should see device info. As far as individual settings, I think each app has its own page for that. You can get to that by tapping the top left corner while in an app.
    5. If you really want yahoo chatting, you can try out meebo mobile ( ). This works pretty well (but it doesn't stay logged in when you turn off screen).
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    1. see #2
    2. The launcher has three pages. Swipe left or right on the screen to flip through them. The app catalog is on page 2.
    3. Not yet, but the library it uses for instant messaging does. Expect this in the future.
    4. Page 3 of your launcher; also, the top left of any app has a drop menu containing settings specific to that app.
    5. Where to start? (: Play with it and you'll discover plenty. There are also a few 'tips and tricks' or 'easter egg' threads on this forum with all kinds of nifty stuff to try out.

    Welcome to the forums, by the way. Hope you enjoy your Pre!
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    Oh boy. Yes that worked. Didn't see a left and right arrow but I did see an up and down when looking at the screen.
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    How about how often email/calendar is synched? I understand for exchange accounts that is pushed and should be real time. What about for Google? Also, are there google apps/docs for the Pre?

    Thanks again.

    So far the phone is great.
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    Unless you get your apps in an order/presentation you want & will remember, you may consider using Universal Search. For example, I tend to check the app catalog daily to see if there is anything new. I just type "app" & at the top of the screen is the app catalog. You may have a few contacts that also have "app" in their name--I have 1. You could also simply type "a". I then get 4 apps that appear: AP, AccuWeather, App Catalog, & Amazon MP3.

    Anyway, there are different techniques that work, but instead of swiping up & down, back & forth looking for an image you may of may not recognize, you may find that Universal Search works.


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