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    I started this thread on a different forum and thought the folks here at PreCentral could benefit from it and make it even better. I apologize if any/all of this has already been discussed.

    Possible overlapping threads: Bug List for Pre and App Wishlist

    The goal of this thread is to assist Sprint, Palm, and App Developers in adding the fixes and features we desire via software updates and/or new apps. Please keep this thread argument and discussion free! Simply list the fixes & features you would like to see added to the Pre and post existing fixes/workarounds. I will keep this list updated with your input and will add solutions as they are made available.

    You may also submit feature requests @ Palm Pre Requests and Vote On Needed Palm Pre Features

    Here is the page with all the efforts being done to add/improve things with WebOS and apps.
    >> Portal:Patches to webOS - WebOS Internals <<

    (A big THANK YOU to all who've contributed to this list. Great ideas come from great people!)

    Here is what I've gathered so far from many users in various threads (in no particular order):

    1. Visual Voicemail
    >> YouView <<
    >> gDial Pro <<
    >> App Catalog - Visual Voicemail App <<

    2. Voice Dialing

    3. Voice/Live Search

    4. Video Recording (w/Edititing options)
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.4 update <<

    5. Voice Memos

    6. Ability to Record Phone Conversations

    7. Better Battery Life!

    8. Enhance Camera w/ Autofocus, Zoom, and editing options

    9. Text Message Forwarding
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.3.1 <<
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    10. Spell Check, AutoCorrect, Predictive Type
    >> Homebrew: AutoReplace Upgrade <<
    >> Homebrew: AutoCorrect Edit <<

    11. Ability to Change Ringtones for Alerts (Texts, Voicemails, Emails, etc.)
    >> Homebrew: My Notification App <<

    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.4 update <<

    12. Have Center Button Glow for Missed Alerts (calls, emails, texts, voicemails, etc.)
    >> Homebrew: Turn on LED when text message is received <<

    13. When a contact is tapped, create the option for the user to choose either SprintNav or Google Maps for directions to that address.
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.4 update! <<

    14. Cut, Copy, Paste from ANYWHERE!
    >> Getting better with each update <<

    15. Virtual Keyboard (especially for web browsing in landscape mode)
    >> On Screen KeyBoard <<

    16. Compass (would be nice!)

    17. A way to TRULY sync with Outlook over the air including emails.
    >> Chapura PocketMirror can sync Contacts & Calendar - no email <<

    18. Use Phone As Modem (PAM)
    >> <<

    19. Haptic Feedback
    >> Patches & Tweaks <<

    20. Option to send multiple attachments via SMS or MMS

    21. Option to change text color in a text message
    >> Patches & Tweaks <<

    22. Option to Delete Multiple Emails at Once
    >> Patches & Tweaks <<

    23. Option to use Emoticons in Texts
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.1 update <<

    24. Add a Favorites Screen
    >> See PhotoDialer app <<

    25. Allow icons to be added to the "home" screen on top of the wallpaper (like a computer's desktop)

    26. More Memory! (at least 32 GBs would be nice)

    27. Decrease/eliminate the delay when launching an app
    >> Gotten better with WebOS 1.2.1 update <<

    28. Ability to control when contacts get synced (especially with Facebook)

    29. Removable Memory Slot (new hardware needed... probably the Pre 2)

    30. Send text message to multiple contacts when starting from the Contacts app vs. the Messaging app

    31. Link calendar event to more than one external calendar for syncing

    32. More ways to sort tasks (ie. Due Date)
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.2.1 update <<

    33. Delete Multiple Tasks at Once

    34. Sync Tasks & Notes/Memos with other apps (ie. Outlook, Google, etc.)
    >> Palm Pre Outlook Sync Solution - PocketMirror Standard by Chapura <<

    35. Ability to isolate and disconnect an individual caller while in a 3-way conference call

    For example: Call the first line, hit the talk button, call the second line, hit the talk button -> all lines now connected. While in the conference call, hit the talk button again and the second line is disconnected leaving you connected with the first line only.

    36. Show quick list of all speed dial assignments (ie. 1-voicemail, 2-mom, 3-dad, 4-office, etc.)

    37. More instant messaging clients (ie. Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
    >> Yahoo added with WebOS 1.3.1 update <<

    38. Option to transfer files & contacts via bluetooth with computers, other phones, etc. (Add OBEX protocol to bluetooth stack)

    39. Brighter backlight settings for keyboard.
    >> Brightness Unlinked <<
    >> Quick System Tasks <<

    40. Alert for failed text messages
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.2.1 update <<

    41. Email sorting
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.4 update <<

    42. Increase speaker volume especially for when using Sprint Navigation

    43. While using the web browser, currently unable to type symbols in fields
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.1 update <<

    44. Improve call receptions (currently, signal strength varies wildly while sitting still!)
    >> Seems to be improving with each WebOS update. <<

    45. When holding down a letter, the result should be a Capitalized letter. Remove autorepeat.

    46. Option to remove launcher icon from quicklaunch bar. Swiping up in the gesture area brings up the launcher anyway. This would provide room for the user to add another icon of choice to the launcher.
    >> Hide Quick Launch Bar <<

    47. Option to automatically add contact birthday information to calendar.

    48. In the calendar, add the option to add an attendee to a meeting appointment.

    49. The option to sync with other media players (ie. Winamp, Windows Media Player, Zune, etc.)

    50. After using the music app or Pandora, volume rocker continues to control music volume and not ringtone volume as it should.
    >> Currently, you must turn the phone off then back on to reset the volume control. <<
    >> Fixed via WebOS 1.4 update <<

    51. A contact's WORK, HOME, MOBILE phone numbers appear to be in random order and it appears they cannot be re-ordered. Also, when you go to edit the contact, the numbers show up in yet a different random order on the Edit screen. I think it is a bug that we are unable to sort these appropriately. For some people, you would rarely want to dial their work number, yet it always appears as the first choice when searching with the keyboard, if the work number happens to be their first number (randomly)
    >> Improved with WebOS 1.4 update <<

    52. Enable "Universal Search" to search EVERYTHING on the device (ie. within emails, calendar, text msgs, contact notes, memos, etc).

    53. Add a stopwatch & countdown timer (with alarm).
    >> There are now MANY stopwatch and timer apps in the Palm App Catalog and in Homebrew. <<

    54. Activate hyperlinks in calendar (phone numbers, email addresses, web addresses, etc.)
    >> Fixed via WebOS 1.4 update <<

    55. Add a "15 minute" default appointment duration view to the calendar.

    56. Decrease the Pre's boot/startup time. Currently, it takes close to 2 minutes to startup.

    57. When an address in the calendar is selected, options for directions via SprintNav and Google Maps should appear.
    >> WebOS 1.4 update (Orange Key + Tap) enables this functionality when selecting an address in the Contacts app but NOT from within the Calendar. <<

    58. Add "tab" key functionality with better button combinations like "Shift+Spacebar". These would make it easier to navigate between form fields while using the browser.

    59. When using the Touchstone, give the options to dim the screen, turn the screen off and to view a slideshow of pictures.
    >> Brightness Unlinked <<
    >> Quick System Tasks <<

    60. Web control and access to our Palm profile to modify contacts, apps, etc.

    61. The option to make things private (contacts, photos, etc.).

    62. Give the user the option to configure the snooze setting on the alarm. Five minutes is not enough.
    >> Adjust Calendar Alarm Snooze Settings <<
    >> Adjust Clock Alarm Snooze Settings <<

    63. When dialing a number that is not in your contacts or receiving a call from someone who is not in your contacts, show the state based on area code for easier identification.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    64. Expand the playable formats of the media player (ie. FLAC, OGG, non-DRM WMA, non-DRM WMV, etc.)

    65. In addition to a glowing center button for missed alerts, add a "persistent vibration reminder". This setting when enabled, will make the phone do a quick *bz*bz* (or a similar short, distinctive vibration pattern) every 5-10 minutes when a message has been received, until the user dismisses the dashboard alert (the little notification bars at the bottom of the screen).

    >> Patch: Repeat Messaging Notification <<
    >> Patch: Repeat Email Notification <<

    While the blinking light is good if the phone is sitting on my desk or if it's in a transparent holster, it's not going to be noticeable if the phone is in one of the leather cases or in a pocket. A distinctive vibration reminder would help alert people to missed calls, texts, voicemail, etc).

    A few customization options could be:

    "Notify every ___ minutes" -- select list, options of 5, 10, or 15.
    "Notify on missed calls" -- checkbox
    "Notify on voicemail" -- checkbox
    "Notify on text messages" -- checkbox (possibly combine with voicemail?)
    "Notify on e-mails" -- checkbox

    66. Ability to select multiple photos at once for e-mailing or deletion. (maybe Shift+Tap)

    67. Ability to select multiple text messages (within a conversation) at once for deletion.

    68. Create a few different screen contrast options for better viewing in sunlight and other conditions.

    69. Add different skins.
    >> WebOS Theme Gallery <<

    70. Ability to organize apps (ie. folders, by category, a-z sort, etc.)

    71. Ability to save a mp3 from an email and use it as a ringtone. Currently, the mp3 plays when clicked with no option to save.

    72. Ability to save mp3s from emails and NOT just play them.
    >> Patch Requested <<

    73. Use volume buttons to answer calls.

    74. Add more app pages to the Launcher. Eliminate the need to scroll down, only across!
    >> Tutorials webOS Add Or Delete Pages In The Launcher - WebOS Internals <<

    75. Custom categories for contacts (ie. business, personal, medical, by company, etc.)

    76. Add colored categories to appointments (like Outlook & Palm Desktop).

    77. During a phone call, reduce the volume of alerts. (even better, allow customizable alerts!)
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.1 update <<
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    78. Enable the ability to set calendar reminder alarms for more than one hour but less than 24 hours.

    79. Currently, the call history only shows the time of the call. Please add call duration.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    89. When you tap the notification from a missed call or call history it should give you a list of options (i.e call back, send text, email etc.) instead of automatically calling the person. Yes, if you click on the contact's icon/picture in the call history you can get these options but that is one extra step when you should be able to get these options directly from the phone app instead of having to go to the contacts app first.
    >> Partial fix: Patch - No Missed Call <<

    90. Roll up call history from a single contact. so all calls from person would show as a single line but if you tap it you can "drill down" and see all the calls from that person.
    >> Fixed via WebOS 1.4 update <<

    91. Add the ability to search for contacts without having to use the keyboard. Maybe you could use the letters on numbers. So essentially we should be able to toggle between letters and numbers similar to the search feature so if I enter for example 866 and I have a contact name Tom it should pull that contact up instead of just the numbers. Or maybe add an option to use numbers or letters.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    92. Emails should be viewable in landscape mode by turning the Pre sideways.
    >> Install Preware's "Enable Landscape Email" patch. <<
    >> Temporary workaround - type RocknRollHax with keyboard while in main screen of email app. <<

    93. Currently, if in emails settings Show Notification = OFF, notifications are still being received.
    >> Fixed with a previous WebOS update <<

    94. Currently, if in emails settings Get Email = Manual, new emails are still being downloaded automatically.
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.2.0 <<

    95. Add .mov support

    96. Podcast support
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.2.0 <<

    97. Slidebar needed for playing MP3s to allow skipping to specific points in a song.
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.3.1 <<

    98. Different colors for the Pre (probably the Pre 2).

    99. Add the option to "leave messages on server" for POP email accounts.
    >> POP now works properly as of WebOS 1.3.1 update >>

    100. Mass delete/empty email TRASH folder.
    >> <<

    101. Add the ability to download files directly from the web (ie. JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s, 7ZIPs, etc.)
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.2.0 <<
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    102. Be able to log into personal YouTube account via the built in app.

    103. An easier way to select/cut/copy/paste text.
    >> Getting better in WebOS 1.2.0 <<

    104. Add a "select all" command.
    >> Getting better in WebOS 1.2.0 <<

    105. Option to display PDFs and Office docs in landscape mode.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    106. Ability to mark emails as read/unread without having to open each email.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    107. Add a file manager.
    >> <<

    108. Color code each month for easier identification between months.

    109. Extend calendar reminders to beyond 7 days (as long as 30 or 45 days).

    110. Varied options for snooze duration in clock currently no options at all and have to deal with the short default or make multiple alarms to simulate longer snooze durations.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    111. When viewing a contacts details flick left or right to switch to previous or next contacts details respectively. Saves a lot of time from having to constantly switch back to the list and into new contacts details when cycling through many contacts details.

    112. Reduce screen real estate used by the contact bubbles when adding multiple contacts to a txt msg etc. Font size and bubble size should be half the size it is now preferably.

    113. Comma separated digits in calculator.

    114. Google Maps - Add latitude, streetview, pedestrian (aka walking directions), and transit features.
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.2.0 update! <<

    115. Allow user to select font and size in all apps especially Memo.

    116. A "complete" backup solution! In other words restoring from a backup should make your device "exactly" how it was - as if you never did whatever it was that caused you to need to restore from the backup.
    >> Backup & Sync <<

    117. Add the ability to delete office files without having to connect the Pre to a computer in USB mode.
    >> Homebrew App: Internalz - File Manager <<

    118. Email sync based on schedule. For instance, during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday have the Pre sync "as items arrive" but after my set scheduled times have it sync every X minutes. Windows Mobile devices already have this feature. It will also help with battery life.

    119. An option to set the screen lock to "NEVER LOCK". You would still press the power button to turn on the screen but would not have to drag the icon up.

    120. Simply add an "undo" command.

    121. Use volume button as shutter button in camera app.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    122. Compressed calendar view (so an 8 hr appt doesn't use up the whole screen).

    123. Receive visual notifications while in landscape mode.
    >> Fixed via WebOS 1.4 update <<

    124. Place all ringtones / alarm tones / notification selections in one menu with volume sliders for each. It is very inconvenient to have to go to clock then alarm to change my alarm tone, then go to ringtone to change that.

    125. Some way to add an option for 4-Way/ D-Pad functionality. Make it easier to use the device with one hand.

    126. When creating a new task or calendar entry, add an option to display monthly view.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    127. Add a translucent scroll bar on the right-hand side of the page while scrolling through a webpage so we can determine exactly where we are on the page... This bar will only pop up while scrolling and will "fade away" after you stop scrolling.

    128. BUG: If you're in a text conversation with a person, and that person sends you another text, it still gives you an alert that you have to manually clear even though you're already in a conversation with that person.
    >> Fixed with WebOS 1.1 update <<

    129. Consolidate settings and preferences into a single Settings App

    130. Option to have a bookmark list instead of icons in browser to conserve screen space.

    131. Remember audiobook/podcast position in the music player.
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.2.0 <<

    132. Set number of times to vibrate for each alert.
    >> <<
    >> <<
    >> <<
    >> <<

    133. Improve Speed Dial - Add the ability to double click the center button to bring up the speed dial page which contains a list of speed dial contacts. When you select a speed dial contact, it automatically dials the number you have previously designated as the speed dial number for that contact.
    >> LaunchPoint Speed Dial <<

    134. BUG: When the calendar is in "Month" view, whole-day appointments do not show (the whole day shows open).
    >> Fixed in WebOS 1.3.1 update<<

    135. Add some type of confirmation before ending a call via the Hang Up button to prevent accidental hang ups.

    136. Add a character count when typing a text message.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    137. A way to track your phone's location.
    >> Where's My Pre? <<

    138. When you click on a contact's profile, you should be able to click the picture to see it full screen.

    139. Add the ability to control the music player (play, ffwd, rwd, pause, stop, skip, etc.) via bluetooth enabled devices.

    140. Email/Calendar/Contacts integration - enable the ability to create an appointment, email, etc. from a contact.

    141. When on the home screen in card view, swiping left or right on gesture area should change your wallpaper to the next/previous image in your wallpaper folder.

    142. Sync task list with Outlook categories.
    Workaround: Try Pocket Mirror, CompanionLink, Missing Sync, etc.

    143. Create a single option to turn on/off the sound when dialing a number on the touchscreen.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    144. Set schedule for Wifi, ringer, etc to turn on and off automatically.
    >> Tweaks & Patches <<

    145. The ability to create contact distribution lists for emailing and texting.
    >> Mail Lists <<
    >> Mail Lists (Support Page) <<

    146. Backup messaging conversations/chat logs to Synergy.
    >> Backup & Sync <<

    147. User configurable vibration setting for receiving notifications (ie. vibrate once, twice, etc.)

    148. Add a memory monitor to see used/available memory for apps.
    >> Slightly addressed in WebOS 1.3.1 update. <<

    149. The ability to assign a unique configurable ring tone and/or vibration to High Priority emails.

    150. Ability to send contact number/email via Messaging app.
    >> Fixed via a WebOS update. <<

    151. Ability to connect to Ad-hoc type wi-fi (Windows Internet Connection Sharing).
    Workaround: Try MyTether app.

    152. In Messaging App, add option to "Purge All" conversations and "Purge Conversations older than X".

    153. Fix IMAP connectivity issue for non-traditional servers.

    154. Enable a way to create and edit Microsoft Office documents.

    155. Threaded email support.

    156. Add the ability to calibrate the accelerometer.

    157. Turn on a light while video recording.
    >> [Patch] Video Camera Flashlight <<

    158. Store recorded videos in a separate directory. (Currently, videos are stored in the
    DCIM/100PALM directory mixed in with photos.)

    159. Enable video recording in portrait mode.

    160. Add a way to customize the order in which phone numbers appear on a contact's page (ie. mobile-1st, home-2nd, work-3rd, etc.)
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    Podcast support please? Trackbar for MP3s so you can go to specific points?
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    colors, please. My wife wants one, but she insists it has to be pink like her centro.
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    Good suggestions! Updated the list.
  6. SirIra's Avatar
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    Ability to not delete emails from the server and/or some sort of trash folder.
  7. DNic's Avatar
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    Oh boy thats long....
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    99. Make my coffee each morning when I get up.

    100. Stop that insane press coverage on Michael Jackson.

    tit aint a real list till you hit 100!

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    I just wanted to say that this is an awesome idea, and encompasses almost all the things that are wrong with the pre and need to be fixed. I signed up for an account just for the purpose for letting you know. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sportsaddictz View Post
    I just wanted to say that this is an awesome idea, and encompasses almost all the things that are wrong with the pre and need to be fixed. I signed up for an account just for the purpose for letting you know. Thanks!
    Thank you for the thanks!

    My goal is to do whatever I can to help make the Pre the best phone to date!

    P.S. The list is now at 100!
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    Im all for #63. thanks for making this list for palm!!!!
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    Wow! Very cool. Might I suggest that at some point in time, so as not to overwhelm Palm, that the current list be ended at a specific date and then a poll created as to which of these features/fixtures are most important to the forum users?

    That way you'd be presenting a priority list of the most desired features and fixes.
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    Was this list submitted to palm? If so how long do you figure it will to implement all these?
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    My #1 option is not even in the list

    What about the ability to download files? I want to download JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s, 7ZIPs, etc. If not all the file types, AT LEAST all the image files so that I can get images from flickr and set as wallpaper. Who's with me?
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    Yes, I submitted the first 80+ features to palm about a week ago. ALL of you should submit the features you care about most too. The more pressure we can put on Palm the better!

    Submit all features and requests here: Palm Feedback & Feature Requests
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjamie View Post
    Yes, I submitted the first 80+ features to palm about a week ago. Feel free to also submit the features you care about most. The more pressure we can put on Palm the better.

    Submit all features and requests here:

    Palm Feedback & Feature Requests
    I'm sure they already feel PLENTY of pressure right now. I still think it would be sensible to prioritize this list via a poll rather than just keep hitting them up with monster lists. This also takes some of the housekeeping work off their hands and frees them up to actually accomplish the list.

    And then present the poll to them. We know they're aware of this forum.
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    Good work!!! Right on point. Hope they reached the right ears. Could you imagine if even half of the things on this list got done. "Best phone ever!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by divyamistry View Post
    My #1 option is not even in the list

    What about the ability to download files? I want to download JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s, 7ZIPs, etc. If not all the file types, AT LEAST all the image files so that I can get images from flickr and set as wallpaper. Who's with me?
    Great idea! Added to the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonW View Post
    Wow! Very cool. Might I suggest that at some point in time, so as not to overwhelm Palm, that the current list be ended at a specific date and then a poll created as to which of these features/fixtures are most important to the forum users?

    That way you'd be presenting a priority list of the most desired features and fixes.
    A poll is a great suggestion. Thanks!
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    If Palm chooses not to implement some if not all of these features, here is a chance for an app developer to make some serious CASH! I know I would GLADLY pay for apps that would add these features! Of course, free would be better!!!
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